Injecting HCG Every 36 Hours

I did a search for this topic and could find nothing.

I seem to feel better injecting 250 iu of HCG every 36 hours instead of EOD. I have a better sense of well being, my testicles feel more stimulated and they feel fuller. I noticed HCG has a half life of about 36 hours, too. KSMan and the other knowledgeable members, would there be any downside to using this protocol? Thank you for all responses.

No downside–especially if it improves your symptoms!

HCG is very forgiving as far as dosage protocols go


No downside at all. I inject 200iu of HCG every 10 days and the “boys” are fine. I’ve been on TRT for 6 years or so and this has worked fine.

I recall many doctors recommending daily injections, so there is nothing wrong with the frequency for sure.

The only thing is that you might experiment and see if a slightly lower dose is enough. Possibly 200 IU.