Injecting E5 Days?

Whats everyone think about every 5 day injections? Im feeling well on every 3 day injection but would hit some highs and lows on 7 day injections why i switched. I honestly hate needles and struggle every time and ive been doing this a year some times its not to bad other time i struggle really bad. I know its a mental thing and slowly getting better at it. I think every 5 days might be a good comprise. Im doing 100mg a week split twice so i was thinking 80mg every 5 days. Thoughts?

Im injecting ED and I see no reason to be scared of needles if you use the right kind of needles. However this guy really knows his stuff and he is injecting E5D testosterone with primo:

Are you using large needles such as 23g? I draw with 23 g and inject with 29g 1/2 in and it is literally painless.

No reason not to try it. The main reaon people don’t is that it doesn’t fit in weekly schedule so it requires a bit of extra management.
Also based on what you said, you’ll be bumping up your dose a bit.
14.28mg/day * 5 days is 71.4mg

That might be fine, but you should know, to keep it even, I’d go with 70mg. The main thing I’d worry about with bumping your dose is you may run out before you can get a refill. Run it for at least 6 weeks to assess how your feel on it, 8 might be better.

Not a doc, not medical advice, your mileage may vary, etc…

Good luck

I feel ya but its one of those things for me…kinda like my buddy who’s scared of snakes prolly wouldn’t like it if i put one in his pocket every 3 days hahaha

ya im using a 21 to draw and a 23 to inject

ill try 70mg that makes sense. Ill be fine my doc writes me a 5ml vile of ethanate@ 200mg/ml every month.

If you feel good on every 3 day injections, keep doing it. You should be using insulin syringes.

I did that exact protocol once. 72 mg test E every 5 days.
My results were:
TT peak 961, trough 600
FT peak 23.4 trough 13.5
E2 peak N/A trough 34.3

Another suggestion. Why dont you try scrotal cream?

F that

No wonder you’re scared. You’re using a sword to inject T. Get 28g 1/2 inch needle 1CC insulin syringes. You can’t even feel them.

1/2 inch needle if you are shooting in delts. (I do this)
1 inch needle if shooting in the legs.


It’s all relative. The large one is 18g, 2in, preloaded Primobolin.

Primo 18g

You could easily use half inch, 27-29g needles for that.

I’m not afraid of needles and that picture made my balls go into my throat.

OP try a smaller needle first IMO. I wasn’t a fan of self injecting at first, but then when I realized the benefits, I look forward to them now. And I use a 1" 25g needle and I almost never get a drop of blood when i’m done.

Ill give the smaller needles a shot.

I dont understand why doctors prescribe such large needles if everyone is using smaller ones with the same results. I was first using 1.5 23 guage that was horrible.

Because by generally accepted definition IM is 1-1.5 inches (the larger the volume, the deeper you want it) and it takes less time to administer oil based medicines with the larger gauge needles.

Ive always liked the idea of an e5d protocol and almost all experiences ive read on it are positive. I have a feeling it would provide a nice stable level with just the right amount of fluctuation. Would love to hear more experiences and actual bloodwork just to see how much t and e2 fluctuates on a e5d protocol.

He feels fine on injections. Why on earth should he make such a drastic change to a working protocol?

I second that! I am extremely lean and even 1/2in works well for me in the quads.