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Injecting Confusion

I’m a little confused, ive read that when injecting you should use one needle to draw out the oil, and then exchange with another that is already on another syringe. Doesnt this waste a completely good syringe. The reason I ask is couse i have 25 gauge needles for the injection and i have 6 22 gauge 2" needles for the drawing. am i missing something here. Please commnt on how this should be done right.

you can use the same needle to inject, just make sure that you wipe the area with an alcohol swab before (BOTH YOUR ARSE AND YOUR VIAL TOP) you inject. i draw the oil with 25g, it takes a couple minutes and is more of a bother than injecting. it perfectly fine to use larger needles to pull up your dose, just be very careful during this operation.

when i draw the oil in from the sustanon, nothing is coming up, is this because the needle is to thin (25) gauge. Should I use the 22 gauge needle i have instead?

There really is no confusion here. This is the proper protocol for injection technique. The real reason why some of us change needles is because a new, sharper needle goes in alot smoother. This also prevents the creation of more scar tissue (a dull needle sometimes feels more difficult to pebentrate the skin and muscle tissue). The needle point, believe it or not, becomes "dull, once it pierces a vial top, and even the skin.

The proper technique is to draw the chemical into the barrel of the syringe using one needle, unscrew it from the barrel, then screw on a new needle. This isn’t really THAT expensive, nor a waste of money. A blister pack (needle and barrel together) only costs 12 cents each. You can order a box of 100 needles only (with NO barrel) for 5 bucks, which works out to 5 cents each. Considering the amount of cash some of us pay on a complete cycle, I don’t think 17 cents per syringe isn’t that big of a deal. Good luck.

thats not the problem, whats going on is that there is no oil coming ino the syringe. What I do is before I inject it into the vial, I draw in 2 cc’s of air and then inject into the vial. After this is done,I turn over the vial and try to draw in the oil, but nothing is coming in to the syringe.

Then use your 22 guage to draw, it will work. I use a 23 with no problems so a 22 will be no problem

Bro, the larger guage needles if you keep them sterile - i.e. do not touch them to anything but the sterile new syringe, and the rubber stopper which has been swabbed with an alcohol swab before each drawing - then you can repeatedly reuse the same needle for drawing up your gear many times. just recap your drawing needle, remove it and place it back either on a syringe - as these are still sterile as long as the luerloc end has not touched any thing, (or you didn’t aspirate any blood), or in its sterile packaging sharp side up so the other side that is open is touching the end of the packaging that has not been exposed to open air or anything unsterile.

The basic rule is sterile is kept sterile as long as it dosesn’t touch anything unsterile.

Drawing pins save a lot of time and hassle - I have used this technique for a long time and have never once had any problems whatsoever. This is the same principle that I practice in the clinical setting in the hospital - where I sometimes leave a syringe - with plastic canula for pushing I.v. morphine outside the patients room, which is used multiple times, and just recapped between uses.