Injecting Before or After Leg Workout?

Wanted to ask you guys, when would you Inject your test e on a leg day, this is my first leg day and can’t imagine a shot after a crazy leg day, does it matter if I do it after or would you thinking injecting before leg day would be better?
Thanks in advance!

Edit: I am only comfortable injecting glutes right now

Comfort wise I find pre workout to be best. But I don’t inject into the area about to be worked. Push day? Ass. Leg day? Delt. I find injecting with a pump/remnants of a pump causes me more pain during the actual injection.

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Makes a lot of sense, I will man up next week and start injecting delts, for now my only option is glutes unfortunately :confused:

When I first started TRT I couldn’t give myself a shot, then I was able to do it in glutes, now the only thing keeping me from trying all kinds of random places is PIP lol.

Something weird about inflicting pain on yourself. Hard to do

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I can say that I was way more scared than I should’ve been before the first shot, it went smoothly but it’s still scary for me to inject in areas that I’ve never had injected in my life…

I never gave it any thought, but did all my injections by the calendar and at night.

That said, back in the later '70’s we had a powerlifting team. Our 242lb member who won his class in most every meet he entered (he bombed out in the Bench Press one meet), wanted to keep his AAS use a secret from his wife. We called him The White Rhino. Most everyone on the team squatted on Saturday mornings. He would have the gym owner inject 5cc of Test C in each cheek before every squatting session; yes, that was 2000mg of Test C every week. The White Rhino never complained.

The Saturday Morning Injection Parties on Saturday mornings in full view of anyone walking by on the sidewalk is another story. Those were the good ol’ days.


Doesnt matter when to inject if its long ester. Only thing that matters WHEN, for me, is tren-ace and HGH.

I inject glutes whenever the fuck. I like injecting quads, but i wouldnt inject pre-leg workout my quads, i would inject quads after. So basically, i inject my quads at night, or glutes if i cant inject quads.

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Funny you posted this today. I did legs yesterday, and injected quads before bed. I can say that pinning after a pump is different, I could almost feel the need go through muscle fiber. Didn’t hurt much more than usual. As posted earlier by others, I’d try to inject in muscles not worked on that day. It just so happened that with this blast, my left quad was next up, I didn’t want to hit another site so I just went with it.

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I Inject prior. I found that working the muscle you just injected large volumes into helps the oil disperse and causes less PIP the next day.

Hahaha I don’t know how the white rhinos wife didn’t figure out on her own, did before workout today, didn’t even feel a difference in the workout

Will keep that in mind for the future blasts, also gonna try the quads next week, is there any truth that the place you inject gets a little bit more gains?

I tried before workout today and killed my workout without any problems and until now 9 hours later not feeling any pain :smile:

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I can agree with you I really felt way better today than my prior shot that wasn’t on a workout day, I actually feel no pain from the injection!

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sometimes in quads i hit a nerve and then definetly there is NO squatting that day

no… it just gets inflamed and, for example, if like me, you push 2CCs in a leg and EOD, they both just build up oil and inflamation and look bigger… but then i give em a break, do a few in glutes, and its all back to normal.

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The public’s awareness of steroids in the 1970’s was about nil. He didn’t believe he could hide the syringes, and there would be no believable explanation that a wife would accept for having them. Plus there is the possibility he didn’t want to inject himself.

Those Saturday mornings about 6 to 7 people were injected in the front office.

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I would not recommend a shot in the glutes before leg day if you squat anything even remotely heavy, for safety reasons.

Definitely wait until after squats if you lift heavy. No question.

Simple fact is, you never know how a muscle is going to respond to being jabbed with a big needle, no matter how many times you’ve done it before.

Being mid-squat with a 400+ bar on your back is no time for surprises. Wait another hour and do it afterward. You gain safety and lose nothing.