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Injecting 1-Testosterone

Hi all.

I want to mix up some T-100 from SAN (which is 1-testosterone) for injection. I read Cy Wilson’s areticle on complexing with cyclodextrins and I was wondering if this would work.

Failing this, what about mixing with a sterile vegetable oil? I doesn’t seem to be particularly soluble…

If you wanted 1-test to inject, why didn’t you just buy 1-test cyp? I heard that straight 1-test injections burn like crazy. Just curious.

because I can’t get any in my couintry. I’mn trying to work with what I’ve got.

For what it’s worth, most 1-Test products will work well enough orally at the recommended doses provided your total calories and protein intake are sufficient. While there may be some marginal benefits from injecting, you can gain and keep a good 20 lbs of lean mass using a good oral product (like Mag-10).