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Injectin Into the Calf

I injected 2 ml in to my left calf 24 hours ago and the paid got worse and worse today.  OMG it is bad.  I have a hot pad on it now popped two aleve and having a few shots of crown maple to dull the pain.  I know drinking isn't the best thing to do on juice by damn it's the worse pinn pain I had to date.  I was reading on another page some body said

Good God, 2 ML or 2 CC's in the calf?!?!?! I was in the worst imaginable pain and my foot swole up like a watermelon after injecting 1 CC into my calf. If you get swelling, this is a serious risk of stroke and you MUST see a doctor if your foot swells. **************.com recommends never exceeding 1/2 CC into the calf. Doctors and nurses say calfs are so dangerous that only under the most extreme emergency do they consider IM injections into calfs. In other words, its actually one of those places we should NOT do because your calf is dark meat, IM injections are best done in white meat with relatively fewer blood vessles.

Expect the pain of the calf to last more then a week (like 8 to 9 days from my experience) with no let down at all in pain or swelling until then. Benedril pills will help reduce swelling, you'll have to take them around the clock 2 or 3 at a time. If you still get bad swelling, then you need a doctor's injectable version of benedril to arrest the swelling and decrease the risk of stroke.

I'm wondering if there is any truth to this as other people said they like calf injections. Did I just do to much like next time 1ml in each calf. I glad I did it on a friday night that's for sure


…walk it off


There is some truth to that yes. If it swells up as bad as the guy above says yes you need to go to doc.

I shoot my calves occasionally and honestly the first time was not to bad but, I did my research like you should have and just put .5ml in each for the first 4 times. Even at that I had some pretty noticeable PIP. I know can put a full ml in each but hardly ever do. I feel for you 2ml for a first time injection equals pain, 2ml into a small muscle for first time injection equals oh my god pain, and 2ml into a small muscle especially the calves equals HOLY FUCK PLEASE KILL ME.

Take Ibueprophen and Benadryl about 4 times daily, Heat as often as possible, stretch and roll it as much as possible, and don’t do it again should work out great after about a week.


Surely ibuprofen and benadryl (to reduce inflammation and blood flow) and heat (to increase inflammation and blood flow) wouldn’t be very effective together?


I was thinking the heat to help the muscle absorb the oils better. I read that when I did my first injection and it hurt like hell. I’ll try the ice though


About 40 hours after the pinn

I have a high calf muscle it almost goes down my shin bone halfway. All the swelling is staying in the muscle and not spreading. It only huts when I start walking on it. I can kind of walk it off. But I can’t flex it to much. I can’t wait till this shit goes down. I will leave the calfs alone for now on. Lesson learned that’s for sure


Sorry to hear about your potentially very serious mistake. I have injected for over 20yr’s in my medial deltoid,and when the dr hits me,i use my glute,as hitting in the glute is impossible when you are a big man and not a contortionist… I hope you are not injecting synthrol? goodluck john


No just test and tren e. This time I got the tren from a local person and not online. This tren is painful to began with compared to the other