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Injectible TA

Ok, here’s another trenbolone post! I recently played kitchen chemist and whipped up a delicious batch of injectible trenbolone acetate. Well, Within 2 hours of taking 1cc in the glute, I developed a headache,chills, fever, dizziness, sore throat and stomach pains. It has now been 14 hours since taking it and there has been no improvement in my
symptoms. I realize flu like symptoms are part of the territory with TA, But i wasn’t expecting it to floor me like this. My question is, do These symptoms dissipate eventually or due they last the length of the
Cycle? I mean, if you’re to sick workout then what’s the point of taking This stuff?! Or did something go horribly wrong with my recipe (I
Followed the juicing with julia child t-mag article recipe) Also, there is no pain at the injection site. Help! Thanks.

TA does NOT cause flu-like symptoms nor
is this “part of the territory” of using it.
So that’s not the cause of your bad experience.

It seems that you are one of those individuals
who responds badly to the binders present
in the TA pellets and which is NOT removed
by the method given in the article. It
wasn’t a recommended method, but one that is
used out there:
many have done it and gotten away with it.
Because of your adverse reaction, you shouldn’t try again, in my opinion.

I was concerned about how I could possibly
have apparently made the heat-in-oil method
sounds as if it were a completely safe thing
to do, since I know I intended to communicate
the opposite. So I went back and checked the
article. I’d like to repost an important section. Also, of course I certainly
hope you swiftly improve from your symptoms
and, while your reaction is the worst I’ve
heard of, others who have had some of those
symptoms did have them disappear quickly
so I certainly hope that is true for you also.


Severe problems can result if anything is done
wrong. Examples include local infection or even
anaphylactic shock. After all, how many people
can really call their kitchen a “clean-room
environment?” Hmmm…

One should realize that it’s a real risk to mess
with anything like this, so I don’t recommend
it—not just for legal reasons, but because these
methods really do have practical problems, and
injecting impure products carries a very high
health risk.

You say that you want to “play it safe” and
remove all of the binders? Well, possible
methods to remove the binders must be
considered beyond the scope of “kitchen
chemistry,” so there’s really no advice to give. If
you want something that’s of pharmaceutical
quality, the best bet is (what else?) a genuine
pharmaceutical steroid. The second-best bet is a
quality “gray-market” item. Your own handiwork
is, at best, a distant third—unless you can
honestly say that you have a lot of experience in
this and have facilities tailored for it. I sure
wouldn’t use this stuff.

Bill- I thought you or somebody else had once said that the TA pellets don’t have binders, but are infact made under high pressure to keep them together. Is this true or not?

Brock had written that there are no binders and I’m sure he had a good source, but it’s contrary to fact… there is definitely a glue-y material in the pellets. Actually
there are quite a few components besides TA and
the sand-like filler, but I haven’t determined what they are.

Bill, thanks for your help. I’ve asked several questions in the forum and you’ve always come through for me. I think I will take your advice and go back to using Finasol instead of injectible. One other question remains, what can I do with the injectible TA whereas not to waste it? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it probably wouldn’t be absorbed well if spread on the skin due to the oil base. Bill, thanks again.

The binders probably also go through the skin, so it’s possible you might have the same problem using the topical. Also possible though that you might not. I haven’t heard of anyone having those problems from the topical but then again they are rare for the injectable as well.

You can’t really recover what you put into the oil. You might absorb some SMALL fraction of it if taken orally (I don’t know whether it’s significant and it hasn’t been shown by anyone that it is) but I’d be concerned that your sensitivity to the binders might make that unwise. Maybe you could trade it to someone for something else, provided you are sure that it never got overheated, never got junk anything else in it, etc.

Maybe someone should have Component TH and Finaplix tested by GC/MS, this would settle the problem of knowing what’s in them. I know Brock said he was sending someone’s kits in to be analyzed this way, maybe he could do the same here. I believe he actually called the company and got the info there and that it is on the MSDS sheet as well.

Bill…So what you are saying is that any form of “home brew” is pretty risky? No difference, in reality, between “A”'s kit and Brock’s upcoming kit? I have read from numerous posts on the “hardcore” boards that the injectible concoction is completely safe. Now I am questioning if I want to go through with the kit purchase I was ready to make?

hey! even injecting farmaceutical-grade steroids can be risky…Injecting something you ve made yourself is gonna kill you sooner or later. That s for sure.

I’d think that the kits are safe given two
conditions: 1) the individual is not sensitive
to the binders, and this is almost always the
case, and 2) the individual does not screw it

The problem is, if you give a group of 100
guys, let alone thousands of guys, the
simplest instructions, a substantial number
of them will screw up. Even something as
simple as punching a ballot in Florida,
for example. “Gee, I didn’t know I was supposed
to actually make a HOLE in the punchcard!”
“Huh? You mean that to vote for my candidate, I was supposed to press the button that his arrow
pointed me too? That’s very confusing!!” Etc.

(BTW, other states are just as bad in percent
overvotes and undervotes. This is largely
because of illiterate voters, there now being
no literacy test for voting and illiteracy
rates being quite high in some areas and demographics.)

So homemade injectables aren’t safe with regards to the general
population because there will, absolutely
certainly will, be guys that will miss following the instructions in even the most
unbelievable and unpredictable ways. Out of say
100 guys, at least 1 and maybe 5 or even 10
might be predicted to screw it up, no matter
how simple the instructions are. I hope that
doesn’t sound condescending… it’s just how
it is with everything. A few percent of guys
are total idiots, or are intelligent but at
the moment suffer complete brain fade (that’s certainly happened to me.)

As to the analysis question, I’m informed reliably that if one does
column chromatography on silica gel, Finaplix
resolves into several components not just one.
So there is no doubt that there are several components. They simply haven’t been analyzed
and identified.

BTW, there’s even a purple/magenta colored component!! As well as a lot of brown crap.