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Injected Testosterone Cypionate Twice

Hi All,

I’ve injected Testosterone Cypionate twice for a total 200mg for a 2 week period.

My testosterone level was normal prior the injection, around 700ng(blood test result), its was dumb for me to inject in the first place.

So my question is ,

  1. Will the testosterone that I injected cause any side effects? Now its been the third week ( one week off of it), I noticed I have really low libido and no morning erections.

  2. Or am I being paranoid? Will the 2 injection do any harm to my body? When will I restore to my normal T level?


That really was dumb.

You gave yourself TRT or?

Please tell me you have PCT drugs at hand, you just got shut down for nothing.
If you have more test and AI at hand you can do 500mg a week cycle for few weeks and then do PCT.

Otherwise you just shut fown your testes for nothing. And without PCT recovery will be pain in the ass…

Yes you are being paranoid you don’t need to do anything.
Testosterone Cyp Half life 8 days. You are almost home free.

I realized it was a mistake. So i stopped after 2 injections(total 200mg), yes I gave it to myself. Im not doing any cycles, Im not a bodybuilder, Im 31 years old. I only had 2 injections myself…

Are you saying only had 2 shots and stopped, my natural test just got shut down? Only after 2 shots I need PCT drugs afterwards?


As someone who never did any anabolic steroids I can’t be 100% sure that you are shut down, but you most likley are.

I’d do PCT if I was you.

If you haven’t even done it yourself, haven’t done the blood test to see the variations. Then whats your evidence to support what you say ? lol

You are 100% right.

But I just told you what I’d do.

Do whatever you want, not my problem honestly. Your balls can get fucked up, not mine…

You’re shut down, you’re also dumb as a rock if you can’t do your own research before messing yourself up with T injections and come up with these questions.

You’ll bounce back within a couple weeks. Suck it up


The question isn’t whether or not you’ll fully recover on your own (you will), it’s more like “how long will it take to get back to normal and should I use anything to aid in recovery?”.

Yes, you’ll be fine after only two injections. But it may take longer and it may be miserable. Running Nolva for two or three weeks would help that recovery and it isn’t very high risk. So weight the rewards vs the risks and go from there.

You were only on for 2 weeks. It’s nothing to freak out about.

Unless you are very unlucky you won’t notice a single negative effect.

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I agree with this statement. There is a really good chance you are not shutdown.
Its a simple blood test to see if you are no doc or script required. https://www.discountedlabs.com/lh-fsh
If your numbers are 0-0.2 you are shutdown.

Why these others are trying to scare you is beyond me.
Lots of unbalanced E2 floating around in the thread.

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When do you reckon is a good time for me to check my blood? Its been 2 weeks since I last injected. And What exactly do I need to check about?
E2? Test(definitely)? LH? FSH? Anything else?


DO it now. If you are not shutdown go on with the rest of your life. If you are look into a proper PCT.


what if i did trt for more than a year? will it eventually bounce back?