Injected One Day Too Soon

Hello all just started on trt a few weeks ago. Doing 3 injections a week of 50 mg each, 350 iu of hcg at each injection and take anastrozole 0.125 mg each time too. I inject Monday Wednesday Friday and long story short it was a hectic day and I accidentally injected today thinking it was Wednesday so two days in a row. Will I be ok? I took everything as stated above just a bit worried.


You’ll be fine. I would stop the AI until you get your next labs done. The higher injection frequency you are using stop your E2 from increasing. I’m also on 150mg E3D and my E2 is low/normal without an AI at all.

Thanks I had seen that advice a lot and I only used the ai once last week but towards the end of the week I was feeling like hormonal. I was really emotional I felt like a pregnant lady that cries at commercials or something. Don’t think I have had low or high e2 symptoms really bad at least reading about them, but I took one on Monday because of the way I felt last week. I am really curious where my levels are at for e2 or if I even need the ai but I have read to wait at least six weeks for labs and it’s only been about 4.

Dude, you are taking very powerful and nasty drug based on a subjective feeling that can be caused by something else. What you describe can be as well result from another thing.
Do you have nipple sensitivity?

Feeling this way can be result from the HCG. Before I started TRT I tried two HCG injections and felt this way. It doesnt mean HCG is a bad think, just on the contrary. But it must be carefully incorporated into the protocol and give your body time to get used to it.

I would advise you to ditch the AI and stop the HCG for a few weeks, then try it again at a lower dose of 200-250 UI.

Im now 5 weeks into TRT only on testosterone and a few supplements, I feel very emotionally stable and energetic but I hate the decreased seamen volume so soon I will try to add some HCG

Thanks for the advice. Yeah I am going to try minimizing the ai and will see what bloodwork says. I think things are leveling out I had a great first few weeks then took a bit of a dip. Feeling much better now though I am dealing with Hashimoto as well and started taking nature throid so dealing with that at the same time too. Thanks all for the advice.

Initially you fee best the own production shits down and you feel worse. Then it takes some time to start feeling good again
When my own production shut down I felt suiscidal for 4 days