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Injected into a Vein

So if blood comes up after aspirating is the injection wasted or would you simply re-inject in a different spot?

[quote]sante632 wrote:
i injected 1cc. 50mg of tren and 100 of test E. I know now it was a dumb thing to do. my friends injects himself so i figured id let him do it since injecting myself isn’t something i really like doing myself. I usually take a shot eod but if most of this went to waste i think ill just take a shot tomorrow and the following day and continue from there.[/quote]

maybe its just the way you react to it…those are real small doses though. I’m no expert and maybe you infact did inject into a vein…but Test E gave me the cough , wheezing, gasping for ait, every time I injected it. I was doing about 500mg and it affected me that way in that dose. Every single time, so I know I wasn’t hitting a vein, besides I rotate injection sites and have done hundreds.

Its kinda like the tren cough, but immediate and would last for about 15 minutes everytime. I’ll do something like sustanon or supertest and do a 1000mg a week and wont get the problem. Only test E.

And if you google it, there are results from studies posted up that state very few users actually reported the same prob.

just switch it up dude

[quote]teddybear5718 wrote:
So if blood comes up after aspirating is the injection wasted or would you simply re-inject in a different spot?[/quote]

Just reinject somewhere else but you may want to change needle as the original needle will be dull now.

I once hit a nerve in my left leg and when I went for aother spot the needle was very dull.

[quote]teddybear5718 wrote:
So if blood comes up after aspirating is the injection wasted or would you simply re-inject in a different spot?[/quote]

In the hundreds of IM injects i have done, this has happened to me all of once - it should not happen often if you use the correctly mapped injection spots.

They are there for a reason (ie. less vascular/nervous).

In answer to your question, yes - you would take the needle out, change it, prepare the shot (and blood) once again and re-shoot it. Make sure you are fairly quick as it will clot after a little… but it can go for minutes safely if need be without clotting (this was learned with IV injects of course).


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I just had an experience very similar to the OP. Injected a mix of Tren A and Test E, 1.5 cc total into my glute. Nothing out of the ordinary. I aspirated and didn’t see any blood. I didn’t feel myself knick anything on the way in.

Towards the last .3ml or so I felt something strange coming on, so I hurried the rest of the injection in. As I pulled out I did bleed a bit so I did infact hit a vein.

I had 5 minutes of intense sweating, coughing, shortness of breath, throat itching, and I smelt a chemical smell. I had planned to go to the gym but I still didn’t feel up to it 30 minutes after the shot.

Very scary, but I don’t think it could get much worse and I survived so no biggie.

Heh. This just happened to me again today. I have no idea why, but it happens more and more often with the VG site for me. Something’ going on. I always, without fail, aspirate. And yet, about 1 out of 5 times when I inject VG, I get an ugly coughing bout that has me doubled over and miserable. The coughing lasts about 5 minutes, and the aftereffects (just a general gross feeling) continue for, yes, around 30 minutes.

No fun.

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Damn. Are both of you injecting tren when this happens to you? Or can it happen with other oils?

Are you talking about the cough-y, strange lung-y feeling… (that i have only expereinced once or twice - very unpleasant but not deathly) something i assumed was hitting the circulatory system?


Tren is included, but I have had it happen while injecting oils that did not include tren.

Mine feels like what you are talking about, I think, Brook, yes. It comes on slowly but you know it’s coming (after having experienced it at least once) and is like a “wet” feeling deep in the lungs. The cough is deep and almost painful, and it peaks around 3 to 4 minutes in. Later, the gross feeling in the lungs hangs around for around 30 minutes if mild. I’ve had a couple of bad ones where my wife was wondering if she’d better call an ambulance (thankfully only about two times out of many hundreds of injections). These times I had a kind of lingering sore, coughy feeling in the lungs for the rest of the day.

Thankfully, I have never had the nauseous feeling BBB describes.

I would only say I was nauseous because I got pretty short of breath which can make me feel this way. The thing that really stuck out was that I was in an icy cold room maybe 68 degrees and when this episode happened I was literally covered in sweat.

Cortes that is interesting that it has happened with other oils.

I’m not really clear on why trenbolone (apparently only that brewed from pellets) has such a reputation for this. Perhaps the mechanism is different. However oil entering a blood vessel and traveling to the lungs should have this unpleasant effect, I think.

It has only happened with Test with myself - and as i said i assumed (correctly i believe) it was oil getting into the circulatory system, which IMO would make the fact it happens with drugs other than Tren, decidedly UN-interesting!

Well, I certainly AM glad that I am not alone! LOL. I have injected IV NUMEROUS TIMES even AFTER properly aspirating! I think what I’m doing is ever so slightly pulling/pushing the pin in/out whilst injecting and voila, IV time!!!
In all honesty, it has happened so often to me over the years that when it happens now, my wife casually looks over at me from reading her book and says " nicked a vein again?" while I’m hacking my lungs out and turning different colors and seeing spots before my eyes from hyper-ventilating!

I’m NOT a doctor nor nearly as educated as one, BUT from experience I can safely say that it’s pretty tough to kill yourself with up to 3ml oil IV injections. I generally run two compounds at the same time requiring larger injection amounts, up to 3ml and fortunately I’m still here to tell my story ( BIG SMILE), I might just be lucky, but with the amount of times that this has happened to me, I don’t think it’s luck.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT advocating IV injections nor careless injections. I’m merely pointing out that perhaps one shouldn’t panic too much if an old goat like me is still around with the amount of times I’ve fucked up and IV’d myself!!!

THE VERY BEST ADVICE is to inject properly according to medical protocol and avoid all of this ugly mess and not panic if you screw up once in a while. Besides, isn’t kinda too late once you DO inject IV? I honestly don’t think that there’s much that can be done about it post injection, except wait to live or die! ( BIG SMILE )

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its not that hard to inj yourself… hip pull skin tight slowly push in asp and let it go slow… thats what happens when a moron inj you[quote]sante632 wrote:

i am very sure that i injected into a vein. My last injection i had my friend do it who i thought was more knowledgable than he apparently is. Long story short, he aspirated and blood came into the syringe-he still injected. I thought i was going to fucking die! i coughed like crazy, had chest pain, trouble breathing, and lots of sweating. I felt fine about 20 minutes later.

My question is do i need to see a doctor? also is this shot useless now? or will it still have the same effect as if it were injected into muscle.[/quote]

Tim! Great to see you posting here again, man! I hope you’ll stick around, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Thanks brother, good to see you guys

I injected near a vein (that I must have nicked) and I have to admit, it freaked me out a little. After the yuck feeling goes away and you’re done coughing a lot (nothing too extreme for me, just noticeable coughing, slight nausea) I was fine the rest of the day.

Same as Cortes but for me, it’s only the Right VG? Very very strange. I almost always get the cough slightly, odd taste in the mouth and short coughing fit. I can tell mid way through the injection if it’s going to be a bad one or not and just stop, cough a little, re-pin and go again in a different site.

The first time I got the cough I started to rush the shot, bad idea… I was almost vomitting, sweating and thought I was done! Thanks to reading T-Nation before hand I knew it would pass, but man, it feels like forever. No fun AT ALL.


I’m using Parabolan as well but, in a way, it’s nice to know your Tren is good, you know? :smiley:

just to chime in: I had my worst fit when I injected 2.5ml of tren homebrewed… My bud said it was like 2 times the normal mix. THAT WAS INTENSE>< thought I was gonna cough a lung up…