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Injected Glass Into My Leg?

I have some some glass amps from a well known pharmacy brand. I verified them online with the company so I know they are not knockoffs.

The other day I put a little too much into opening the damn thing and the top half SHATTERED. Not broke a little, shattered into a million tiny little pieces of dust and shards.

Not being one to want to waste perfectly good testosterone I looked in the bottom of the vial, saw nothing floating around and proceeded to pull it up into the syringe.

I injected and the spot on the quad I put it in has been a little sore ever since. It’s not that it’s painful, but just the fact that I can feel it is a little alarming. I almost never get sore after an injection. I know for some people their quad always gets sore after an injection (they say this is indicative of “real” gear, however I’m more inclined to believe it’s indicative of knockoff gear with high alcohol content).

If it wasn’t for the glass breaking I wouldn’t even be worried about it, but I just can’t help thinking that I injected glass dust into my leg. Has anyone had a similar experience? Or does anyone know what would likely happen if I did (will it just work it’s way out or what!)?

Anyhow, would appreciate some helpful comments. I wasn’t going to post about this, but I searched around online for other people having the same problem and found absolutely nothing (no one else is that dumb or what?) so I figured at the very least maybe I can help a couple people who are in the same boat now or later on by getting this out there.

Thanks Guys!

It may work its way out or it may never. My buddy still has a small piece of metal in his leg from third grade. Infection is what you should be worried about just look for the signs. My medical experience has trained me that you ALWAYS use filter needles with amps. good luck

Even if their is a bit of glass in there, as long as it doesnt get infected, you are probably going to live a long happy life. Would you react the same way from a splinter that you couldnt get out? I don’t understand why people think just because you inject something into yourself that it somehow makes it worse than any other foreign debris that ends up in your body throughout your life.

Like Shred said, it could be bad or it could be not so bad. If you have an infection, you’ll have to get the pus drained, and possible have the glass removed surgically. Since we’re talking about glass shards and dust, this may be particularly unpleasant.

When I was in undergrad and shadowing a doctor in the ER I saw a guy that was washing the roof of his car (idiot) using his right hand on the windshield for support. Long story short, to clean out something like that you have to do a lot of saline rinsing and soaking up the debris. It was brutal. THIS IS THE WORST CASE POSSIBLE.

Most likely, if you have some glass debris you will form a small cyst around it and that will harden. I actually have one in my right indicator from when I was a kid I got some glass in there no one was ever able to get out. It doesnt hurt or anything, it’s just freaky feeling something inside of you.

My thoughts as an almost-doctor is that you’ll be fine. If it swells up, gets warm, or you get sharp pains, seek medical help.