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Injected 4 Inches Above Knee

i usually pin thighs and i know the “rule of thumb” is 6-8 inches above knee…i was rushing today (and AC is out so its very hot in here and wasnt paying attention) and i pinned about 4 inches above knee…i assume i still hit some part of my thigh but now im concerned i didnt…am i good?(sorry if this is a dumb question)

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Any pain or swelling? Anything out of the norm aside from location?

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not at all

You should not pin in quads. It’s loaded with veins and nerves. I personally use deltoids and going to try ventrogluteal next time. But do yourself a favor and avoid quads altogether.

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Delts preference here too. Works great, minimal nerves and pain to deal with. 1/2” needle will do, etc. The only downside is I feel like I need to find somewhere to inject to give my delts a break for a little bit after injecting them 3x a week for the better part of a year. And most of that going to the left one.

Glutes for me. It’s easy, painless, and quick. I guess to each his own. Wherever you find is easiest, you will develop your routine and get good at it.

I generally hit delts.

But want to start switching it up to quads… using a 1/2’’ needle.

Think that’s deep enough?

Read my post about quads, really dangerous. Yesterday I injected into pecs, great, no pain, super easy.

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Hi @PitchBlackProgress, Where on the pecs exactly? Was it just the once or do you have long term experience with pec injections?

Basically you draw a vertical line above the nipple, and an horizontal one from the armpit. Inject at the intersection, it’s roughly 2 inches above the nipple. Apparently you need to stretch the muscle to reduce pain, no idea if it’s necessary or not, but I did and it was painless.

So far I just did it once per pec, but I will include them in my rotation.

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hi guys…i’ve always injected thighs…recently i’ve been splitting my doses ,shooting twice a week,alternating thighs of course…however, it seems to be taking a toll…i’m used to mild soreness sometimes but it’s bad now…and theres a lump on my left thigh…not red or inflamed…not hard or crunchy…but it does concern me…you dont think it’s infection do you?(i do sterilize my skin and the vial of course)


I rotate glutes and delts. I find glutes can take a lot of injecting with minimal/no soreness or issues working out. Delts I like to make sure it’s after I workout or not on a day I’d use them aka leg day.