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Injectables for Muscle Wasting

Hey so I had low weight, low t (free 5-10) total 300. high e 50ish etc from autoimmune IIBD for 10 year.

So earlier this year I did a 4 month test cyp with arimidex and hgh. I also got my health in order. After that I did triptorelin and my Lh and fsh got up to 3-4 which I never had measured above 1 before. And my free testosterone was first time ever normal. I felt great, then I got sick from being stupid and careless, after a month of being sick my testosterone crashed again. I failed three ways:

  1. I didn’t keep my estradiol in check and it spiked, I should have continued and checked it biweekly and used arimidex.
  2. I didn’t take any serm
  3. I took some supplement that fucked my stomach up and made me very sick. Also got a cold from not dressing well.

Anyhow I’m doing it all over an improving where I failed. Last time I did 150 and went up to 240 testosterone cypionate. This time I’m doing 350, I’m doing this for 15 weeks then I go back on trip.

I’m quite skinny guy because disease wastes my muscles, are there any good injectables (my stomach don’t like pills) that helps grow or keep muscle, My doctor is a great guy and I got a good online source but for advice this is where I turn.

I seen muscle wasting injectables but wanna hear from the experts, what can I expect and which ones are best and what are the sides??