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Injectable Yohimbe HCL?


I read about this in Duchaines book bodyopus, where he wrote that it was very effective for local fat loss in the lower body. I've seen some stuff about Helios, a combo of clen and yohimbe hcl, but I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with it, and if a strait yohimbe hcl solution is out there.


I have'nt seen a yohimbe HCL only solution. Helios works very well though. Just be careful with dosing. Best to start out with a half cc,and work up from there. Cycle it 2-3 weeks on,2-3 weeks off like a normal clen cycle.


I've seen the yohimbe HCL at www.zoopharm.net, but its not something available to public. In regards to helios, I've haven't heard of anyone using it for a while, and none of my sources seem to carry it. That makes me wonder, is it still being made?



No one knows if Helios is still being manufactured?


Yes it is, but I can't tell you where. It seems to be having quite the resurgence as of late.

For me - yohimbe in any form makes me feel like total shit. I'd rather inject clen straight into my heart.




First time I've heard someone else with the same opinion. I tried it years ago and I ended up throwing away about 70% of what I had bought because I just could not stand the feeling of being on it.


I have seen it. Its called YOBINE hcl. Used in the vetenary field on dogs, horses and cats...

Does feel like hell even when using oral Yohimbe hcl..


The only time I've had problems with yohimbe is when its combined with ephedra. My heart takes off. Never tried it with clen.

As for the helios it seems like some other people on other forums have a hard time on it as well. Anyways I found it but it seems to pricey for something I might not react well to. Not a gamble I would take. I don't understand why they don't make just strait yohimbe HCL at some of these UG labs? It seems like it would work well for that little bit of body fat that won't go away.


I thought I was the only one that couldn't tolerate yohimbe. I tried the HCL form and would get nauseas for like 10-12 hrs., chills, feverish like I had the flu. Even tiny amounts of the herbal stuff does the same to me. But it gives me massive erections lol, but what good is that when I'm ready to vomit on her. Ephedrine HCL though is a different story could take 3 tabs and feel like it was a cup of coffee.