Injectable Winny vs Oral

I was readin up for my next cycle and was thinking about taking winstrol with masteron and test for a cutting cycle. Most people i know just take the oral version of winny, actually I don’t know anyone that has ever taken the injectible. I heard since it is a water based steroid the injection pain is a pain. Now I am currently on Test prop and people said the same about that but i didn’t think it was bad at all. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on whether to go with injectible vs. oral with winstrol and what your results were on it. Look forward to hearin the replies.

here is the thing, there are actually test props out there at 100mg/mL that are painless unless one is extremely sensitive to one of the excipients. most labs, including phamaceutical test props are not formulated in a way to keep pain to a minimum. as for UGLs, a lot of them skimp and purchase the cheapest test prop they can get their hands on. the purity is lower and this usually requires more BA to get the powder to stay in solution.

with winny, however, you are injecting small crystals and this is much more painful than prop. most UGLs injectible winny is a joke and unfiltered. sterility is either attempted by heating or adding BA (neither method is sufficient) and particle size is usually too large for most effective delivery.

you can actually drink injectable winny…it gives no real advantage over oral winny then because you are still putting it through your GI tract where you are going to lose some of the drug before it hits your bloodstream and of course you have the increase liver tox.

in terms of quality of gains I have heard that the injectable is better for cutting but I have not personally experienced this.