Injectable Winny: Difference in Dosing and Timing?

How often do you need to inject Winstrol and how much is typical? I’m curious because it is my understanding that it needs to be dosed less frequently, maybe twice a week? I am planning my 4th cycle for the summer and want to do a Test P / NPP / Winny cycle, but am unsure wether to go oral or injectable.

No, Winstrol is definetly an ED thing…
p.s - as far as i remember from 12-15 years back, it also hurt like a MOFO, but back then it was water based with crystals in it, so the water absorbed fast but the crystals remained in the muscle and hurt like grinded glass in a muscle, haha. Good ol’ dayz.

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Yea fuck that. Lol.

I have heard that injectable is better on the liver tho, is that right? I’d rather spare my liver and deal with the pain. Plus I do pretty good with PIP. Been running some Test Prop right now at the end of my current cycle and it’s not bad.

It is a bit better to inject than to take anything orally, yes. If you are up for pinning, its always better.

Maybe marginally. Yes ED as @hankthetank89 stated.