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Injectable vs. Oral


are injectables harder on the liver versus oral? have always heard orals are more toxic. just wanting some opinion/feedback.i know it may depend on types, length of cycle,prior health and all that but curious as to what others think.


Are you doing liver injections?


Liver toxicity of oral steroids is over rated.

Unless you have some pre-existing liver condition or disease you should have nothing to worry about.


as a precaution i run milk thistle during anyway. i mostly use injectables.


ricky bruch who recently died wasa swedish shotputter who took a lot of injectables . test among them


Didn't he die from pancreatic cancer? What's that got to do with injectables?


Injectables don't stress the liver.

With the possible exceptions of dbol and winstrol. I don't recall ever seeing any other orals made into injectables except those two.

Liver stress or damage from steroids is completely over-blown.


lol yeah everyone who has ever consumed gatorade has also died.

100% of em

those who haven't yet are going to...poor fuckers