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Injectable Vitamin B12


I read an interesting article in OUTSIDE touting the benefits of large doses of vitamin B12. Has anyone ever tried it? I remember reading about it in Michael Colgan's book 10-15 years ago, but nothing since Rafael Palmeiro tried to say that anabolic steroids somehow ended up in his B12 shot.



Not that great.

I used low doses though.

Nothing noticible.

I used up to 2mg a week.

I've heard of people supposedly using up to 7mg a week.


Save your money. Anything you will get from B12 is in the pills.


Does anyone know why Charlie Francis used injections of B12 with a lot of his sprinters?


Yep, Charlie used it because it aided in recovery between sessions. Apparently he used a combination of B12 with inosine (not sure if that's what it was, haven't read the book in a while) it acted on the CNS, speeding up recovery from hight CNS draining speed and wheight sessions.


Haha, isn't that what Palmeiro was using?


People who don't eat much meat will definitely get a boost from B12. There is a lot of hype about B12 as of late but I believe that there is something to it. I use sublingual tablets that I got at a local health food store (not GNC). I noticed a boost from the sublinguals that was not totally subjective as a number of my times in certain sprints improved noticably.


I used to get B-12 jell in single-dose packs that you would squirt up your nose to be absorbed via capillaries or whatever. I noticed a boost the first few times I took it and then it stopped. I assume I just filled whatever deficit I had been carrying and it stopped being noticeable. The sublingual B-12 irritated the bottom of my tongue. Pills do me no good as I had a good 2 feet of small intestine removed where B-12 is supposed to be absorbed(around the ileum). My doc will give me an occasional injection of it, but for some reason he doesn't seem to like doing this.