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Injectable to Include with Test C Blast?

Morning friends. Looking to do my research now before a blast sometime in the future. Last blast of 500mg Test C wk, 60 mg Anavar last six of 12 weeks. No noticeable sides. I’m looking to kick test up to 500-600mg per wk for 12 wks, add 50mg oxandrolone last 6 wks. I’d like to add an injectable to this, I want to stay away from another oral. Trying to be conscious of hairline and libido, and I’m aware the amalgamation of substances will already have an impact. Prefer not Tren or Deca in any forms. I thought about primo but it’s not known for big gains, and I’ve heard many varying opinions on hair loss, especially if I already have oxandrolone. Goal is to add a few more pounds, want to get back into the bodybuilding game.

EQ I think is your compound. Mast or Primo could be good, but a lot more money, and harder on the hairline. Not running Nandrolone (Deca or NPP) or Tren so those are out.

Aer you blasting and cruising or PCT? I don’t like EQ on paper for PCT guys as it just takes forever to build up and clear after. If running EQ, consider 16 weeks.

Another option is DHB. A bit harder to find, and more expensive, but pretty awesome on paper. About twice as anabolic, and half as androgenic as test (and I have had this confirmed by actual users) no E2 conversion. The downside is hard to find and PIP like a motherf*cker.

thanks @mnben87. I am cruising around 150 mg per wk. EQ is one I haven’t looked into too much. If it takes a while to clear I may need to run shorter so my quarterly labs aren’t too far off. DHB does sound interesting. What do you like to run EQ at if you have history with it?

That makes it tough. I don’t think it is going to be easy to do with quarterly labs. The half life is like 14 days.

I am thinking of running it next blast (or DHB). Haven’t run it yet. It does seem to lower E2 in many people. A popular theory is that it binds stronger to aromatase than test, but converts to E1, and blocks out Test from converting to E2. Most people feel fine on EQ though. I am thinking of running it at 4-600 per week for 16ish weeks with test at 600-750. I will run test a bit higher to ensure my body has enough estrogen. With EQ, I would run mid cycle bloods so you have knowledge for the upcoming cycles.

I haven’t heard anyone who has run it say anything negative other than the PIP. Most say it is an awesome compound. It is called weak tren without sides, or strong primo. I am in between that and EQ for the next blast. It is kinda expensive (expect to pay $50-70 for a bottle of 100 mg/mL or 1 gram of DHB). Most run it at 300 mg/wk at the low end and 600 mg/wk at the high end. Greg Doucette has a video on it.

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Did a little looking around the forum on DHB, not much to go on. Would be great to hear someone’s experience with it.

@now_i_care is the only one here that I know of that has run it (and has positive reviews). You will likely need to look at other forums. This forum mostly caters to first, second cycle type stuff.

Well with injectable you have Nandrolone and Tren for big gains. Yup the sides can suck for some but these are big physique changing drugs. Outside of them the results are usually minor.

What are your thoughts about NPP? If I have sides I don’t love it should clear faster than Nandrolone right? From what I was reading on here and another forum, Tren and Nandrolone metabolize similarly which causes the common sides?

I just finished a 14 week blast with Test C and NPP (and Oxandrolone as well). I ran the test 1 week longer than the NPP (I had to end the entire cycle a week early due to an eye injury, that I do believe was driven by the test and NPP, but I tried to stay on TRT so that is why I ran test a week longer, but ultimately I have to come off of both compounds) but I am 13 days past my last pin of Test C and so far I have had zero side effects other than a little bit of increased acne. I have been controlling my estrogen levels with an AI because my test:estrogen ratio was off but I haven’t even taken the AI in probably a week. However I don’t think I’ll be feeling the full effects of coming off for about another 7 days. I am coming off cold turkey (due to the eye injury… long story) and not using a PCT. I am a TRT guy though and I will probably continue to use HCG if I really start feeling crappy.

With all of that said, I know the “on cycle” sides clear faster, but I do not believe the “off cycle” sides clear any faster due to the long half-life of the Nandrolone metabolites (these are Nandrolone metabolites that form independently of Nandrolone ester).

I saw your post about your eye injury, sorry to hear about that man. I’ve had some eye issues as well, sucks. I think I am going to try the cycle you did, TC, NPP, Oxandrolone. What did you run your NPP at? I am going to move test up to 500. Oxy will be 50mg split in half twice a day last 6 wks. I am going to run an AI, my estadiol is over 100 on TRT dose. I don’t know that I feel much outside of some sensitivity issues, but my MD wasn’t happy when I told them I wasn’t taking it. She said she doesn’t believe all the bro science so because she’s funny I’ll run it lol.

I ran my NPP at 350 mg/wk for the last 10 weeks. I initially ran it at 245 mg/wk for the first 4 weeks, and in retrospect I could’ve just kept it there. I am not sure I gained much extra with the extra 100 mg/wk. for me 245 mg is 1 mg/lb/wk, which, IMO, is a great starting place for nandrolone.

Heads up, there are a few mechanisms that go into the eye issue I had, but to be clear, it is a fairly uncommon injury. The biggest thing I will say to prevent it is make sure you are breathing through your lifting, and only bracing hard when you absolutely must. Even then, try not to push your intrathoracic pressure into your head too much. I know it’s impossible to avoid altogether, but, at least for me, I can tell when I am pushing into my head and I know how to somewhat direct the pressure elsewhere.

Also, at that dose I was running 200 mg/day of P5P (which you can find on Amazon) and I did not feel any prolactin related issues.

DHB cyp, I love it!
To be honest it is not going to help you gain 20 lbs. You will gain and you will gain well in your first couple of cycles, provided everything else is in line. However the thing that I just fell in love with is it has this cosmetic effect. I can start a cycle and within about a week I look like I have been on cycle for 6 to 8 weeks almost. It just makes the muscles look fuller and firmer.
Now for actual benefits worth spending the time and money looking for good DHB, it’s like proviron in that it makes everything we gain so much better. Anything you gain while DHB is in the mix will be quality and it will stay at a higher percentage than other compounds.
It also has a thermogenic effect similar to tren but it is not nearly as bad. I wake up at night and it’s like I am starting to sweat vs tren where I wake up and I hace already soaked the mattress.
It also has a very nice strength increase characteristic.

For someone early in their AAS journey then I would say a dose around 300mgs per week is where you will get the quality gains enhancing effect, fat burning, and strength.
Around 500 and up (it’s all dependant on your development and all those other subjective factors) is where you will start to get actual DHB gains. In other words if you are running an exactly TRT dose of test and use 300 mgs of dhb you will be on a cut type of dose whereas 500mgs and up you will be in the gaining territory of doses.

The cosmetic effect happens weather you are high or low on your dhb dose.

Any else I can share with you from my experiences?

Excellent thanks. Did you do bloods while on this, or notice any changes there? This does sound interesting, but doesn’t seem super easy to find. I’ll definitely consider it in the future.

So it was BP related, like valsalva maneuver kind of thing? I generally don’t max out much outside of bench once in a while so I try to keep my breathing in check. My work outs are pretty much just bodybuilding, nothing strong man related though I love to watch WSM stuff. When I was a kid I’d work out with my dad in our garage and saw him shoot blood out of his nose across the room when he was benching. Learned about why later in life in school. Ah the good old days lol. Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll stick with 200 mg of NPP then, with Test to 500 that should be good for this cycle.

Yes and no. For me specifically blood pressure played a large role (my blood pressure was good overall, but obviously in that moment it was several times higher than normal). However, I think this injury is just as common (uncommon?) in non-lifters as it is in lifters. Exogenous testosterone plays a role in changing some of the biological conditions of the eye. My brother in laws mother in law got the same eye issue I did, 20 years ago, she’s never lifted weights a day in her life, but oddly enough she was also on low dose, pharma grade nandrolone while she was combating breast cancer. Her vision never came back and she’s still blind in one eye today.

Again, I still think it’s fairly uncommon, but I don’t want to be flippant about the possibility and conditions under which this can happen.

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A few dudes on here have run Masteron with Test and love it. Just an idea.

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Started NPP this weekend. I didn’t realize it comes 100mg/mL, that’s going to be a lot of pinning. The oil seems very clear as well. Anyway, today I feel like crap. Sluggish, mood sucks. Nothing else has changed, haven’t even kicked up the Test C yet. Libido higher surprisingly, which I was worried about. Think it could be NPP or just a general off day? I don’t know how much faster NPP works than Deca. I’ve still got a few weeks of primo left. If I continue to feel shitty with NPP this week I’ll just cycle the primo back in with higher test. I had no issues with Primo.

I never had any issues with feeling bad on NPP, and my libido shot wayyyyy up. Now that I am off my libido has more or less gone back to normal. My mood was the only thing I really noticed that changed, but I do believe that running the P5P helped me with that. I could tell the days that I didn’t take my P5P my mood was worse. I took 200 mg/day. I also never felt sluggish while running the NPP aside from being beat from my workouts.

That was just my experience. If you don’t like it, don’t run it. I would imagine that you really have to be about 10-14 days in to really know how NPP is going to affect you.

Also, my NPP was as clear and colorless as water.

Ok great to know, thanks for your input. I’ll run it for at least two weeks.

Are you taking P5P at all? You can pick up a bottle off of amazon for like $20 for 180 100mg capsules. I think it’s good/cheap insurance to help protect against sides on a low does blast.