Injectable SARMS?

This is a question in regards to details about the injectable version of SARMS. Not after a debate or interested in a greater discussion about SARMS, and their effectiveness in general.

What constitutes an “injectable” SARM? Are the liquid versions intended for oral ingestion simply being injected? Or is it reconstituted powder? Or some other preparation/combination I’m unaware of? If its standard powder, what is being used to reconstitute it? Biostatic water? Subcutaneous or Intramuscular?


Thanks for the responses. Through a little more research, I was able to find answers that satisfied me.

Purpose built injectable SARMS are available through:

And a good video addressing what some of the benefits might be, can be found at:

Watch “Magnalone (Modified injectable LGD 4033, Ligandrol explanation Part 1” on YouTube

Just pin test.

There should be no debate on injectable SARMS. It dosent make sense.

Why pin something less known when you could pin something cheaper and more well known?

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Assuming that they are being made by someone who’s competent, the formula would be similar to injectable winstrol. Micronize the powder, mix it with bac water, done. (Probably a little more complicated but you get the idea)

I am LITERALLY having this same conversation with one of my gym buddies about MK 677.
First for the record I have only ever been interested in the 677 so when I research I wouldn’t notice info on anything else.

I have seen a few vendors carrying injectable MK 677. I have also seen numerous vendors carrying oral liquid solution SARMs. The key to knowing which is which and this is just my opinion, if it comes in a bottle with a dropper then it is oral but if it has a septum (rubber thingy you stick a needle through to get you AAS shot into the syringe) then it’s for injection.

My buddy says hey if it is orally available then why bother with making it into an injection, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it basically. He has a valid point. My response was even with HGH and comparing subcutaneous vs intramuscular injections there are different absorbing rates in regards to peak concentrations and there are different amounts absorbed due to some break down at the injection site. My other thought was look at winstrol, orally you supposedly don’t actually get 100% making it into you blood stream but the saturation is quicker vs injection where you supposedly do end up with 100% eventually making it into your blood stream. So from that standpoint it’s possible that injectable MK 677 could go further vs oral in regards to how much you get out of a give mg dose.

With MK 677 and how I have seen a few vendors selling injectable versions I just can’t find anything explaining the concrete benefit. That’s assuming there was a reason these UGLs decided to make injectable 677. The other possible explanation is they found an oral solution recipe and confused it with an injectable recipe. I have seen both oral and injectable recipes for winstrol that contain PEG 300 or PEG 400. That doesn’t mean the recipes were correct or safe but I have seen that ingredient listed in both kinds so it’s possible the UGLs saw an oral 677 recipe and mistook it for injectable.

My buddy also made the point of you could damage the molecule when you heat the compound and yes depending on what temp it melts at, burns at, and there is a third temp measurement but I forget what it is, then yes it’s possible that processing a the MK 677 for injection could damage it. Now really most compounds that are powder at room temp should be okay in regards to making it through the brewing process because all you do during that process is get it hot enough to melt and kill germs/bacteria. And sometimes you don’t even get it hot enough to melt. Stanozolols melting point is roughly 230-240 Celsius or 445-465 fahrenheit so good luck getting the brew that high on your average stove top.
Now there is a possibility that some of the solvents used in making injectables could damage or effect the MK or SARM compound.

The OP was wondering how someone might process a SARM for injection, it would basically be the same way as any raw powdered steroid. You put the powder, benzyl alcohol, and benzyl benzoate in a beaker. In a separate beaker put in your carrier oil. Then place both into a pan with about 1-2 inches of water. Heat until the one with powder, ba and bb is clear then combine with the oil. Continue to heat until you are at the desired temp while stirring with a glass rod. Then if needed cool down and then reheat. Afterwards filter through a sterile 0.22um filter and bottle into sterile vials. If so desired then bake vials with a venting needle through the septum in the oven at 225-250 for about an hour.

As far as water based injectables go, with how many UGLs unable to put out sterile water based winstrol or TNE then I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying to do that at home. Water is just you the basic requirements of everything except like one or two lifeforms known to exist so expecting to be able to make a sterile water based injectable at home is just a fools errand for 95 plus % of us.

My conclusion is this, there is a reason the UGLs made injectable 677 but I wouldn’t do the same until I could verify why and how (recipe). Just because we see an UGL making some compound an injectable doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. Now once you see everyone and their momma doing it then there is probably a reason so go research and see if you can find that reason. Otherwise being the first to make the compound injectable means you are your own guinea pig.