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Injectable methyltrienolone log


Received this earlier today and pinned my first dose of 600mcg. I will be watching for sides and up my dose maxing out 1.5mg/day if my body is alright with it. I will run this for 2 weeks and log my thoughts and reactions here.

Today 600mcg 30 min pre-workout.

I felt very good at the gym. Heightened aggression and stamina. I threw 10lbs more on my bench press and got 1 more rep out of it too. Currently feeling a little lethargic. I did carb up before the workout but maybe not enough for the increased reps and weight. Hopefully this is a one time effect.

Will report back tomorrow regarding sleep, night sweats, etc.


You have my attention


Alright, overnight report.

Sleep was accomplished but not easily. It was broken sleep to say the least. I've had some night sweats already just from Test. They were increased. I wouldn't say significantly, but certainly an increase. So far no PIP to speak of. All in all I'm off to a good start. I think I will raise my dosage to 900mcg today and maybe cruise there for a couple of days.

Nothing like being a guinea pig.


Second injection today 900mcg.

Very smooth, no pain, no issues.

Felt like a beast at the gym today. Put an extra 20 on my deadlift and felt really good. 2 extra reps.

I did carb up before the workout today. Tried to get a little more in than yesterday to see if it helped. I'm feeling good right now. I will report more tomorrow.

Side note. I did feel pretty rough all morning and into the afternoon. Not sure if it was the MT but I can't rule it out. Feeling good now though. Hopefully just a fluke and not something I will deal with the whole time.


Somebody explain this to me, OP is pinning methyltrienolone essentially which google tells me is oral tren. Why would you pin Oral Tren? When you can just take Tren and pin that. Am I missing something here?


Do you take anything to help you sleep when you're using something that you know will break normal sleep patterns?

Will turning air conditioner on high and a fan blowing on you help with night sweats? I always hear about this and wondered if external factors will help tolerate night sweats.


I have an old house with window unit AC. My bedroom is set to 66. I'm not big on sleep aids. Depending on how things work out I may try something. If I do I need to take it fairly early as I'd rather be tired for an hour or two before bed, not when I wake up. Headed to sleep now. Second night. Will report in the morning.


Not sure a cold room stoprs night sweats, but it will let you wear sweat pants and shirt to wick away sweat and keep you dry.

Nothing worse than a sweaty cold bed and you can always change pjs


I'm used to it. It doesn't really bother me that much. I often change pillows in the middle of the night but other than that, I just deal with it.

Sleep was better last night. I did wake up a few times but it wasn't as bad as the first night. Maybe there is an adjustment period. I feel rested this morning and pretty positive overall. This could be a good ride.


I'm now on day 4. I've had 3 injections thus far. 900mcg again for the last one. This is some powerful shit. I'm certainly seeing the visual effects. Looking leaner and more vascular. I've had a couple of people notice the physical changes.

Sleep is getting better every night. I will be trying a little higher dosage. Nothing more to report.


Sleeping on tren is terrible.

I find that when on this drug I follow a more primitive sleep cycle, let me explain:

We do not naturally follow a sleep cycle that involves 8 or so consecutive hours. This is merely a consequence of the whole toil in the daylight modality that was necessary in a more agrarian society. In fact, the more natural thing to do would be to sleep for a few hours as dusk approaches and then awake in the middle of the night for a few hours, eat, fuck, do whatever and then return to bed for a few more hours. There was actually a study in which people were deprived of daylight for some time and lo, this is the type of sleep cycle they reverted to. I also believe there was some reference to this pattern in ancient literatures as well.

Anywho, this is pretty much what Ive been doing of late, sleeping straight through the night has been near impossible, instead I get up, shower, shave, pin and eat breakfast very early, then go back to sleep and wake up at a normal time for second breakfast and then start my day.


I'm actually sleeping better now. The sides I've experienced are much like Tren but the two drugs are very different. I don't think it's fair to compare them. I stole this from someone else but there was no point in me typing what someone else has written so well already.

First of all, methyltren and tren are not the same drugs...not even close. MT is NOT an oral version of tren, so MT should not be considered a variant of Trenbolone. It is its own drug, with its own unique effects on the body...a completely seperate steroid.

Whenever a steroid is methylated, such as the case here, it becomes an entirely different compound. Sometimes, adding a methyl group to the parent steroid results in a drug which displays similar visiual effects, but many times it changes the compound so much that there is virtually no similarity between the 2 drugs.

Regardless, once a steroid has been methylated, it should be viewed as seperate from the parent drug.

For example, would anyone ever say that Dianabol and EQ are the same? Would anyone compare the two or say they are similar? Is dianabol considered to be s suitable replacment for boldenone...or vice versa? No, yet dianabol is nothing more than methylated boldenone...that's it. The same molecular modification was made to boldenone, as was made to trenbolone...and added methylgroup.

The thing with steroids is that as soon as we make a single change to the molecule, it becomes a completely different drug, no matter how small or insignificant this change may seem to be. It helps to remember that ALL steroids...every single one of them, are nothing more than modifications to the testosterone molecule.

For this reason, MT should not be likened to tren simply because it has a similar chemical sructure. Hell, many steroids have an almost identical chemical structure, with only minor molecular changes differentiating the various AAS. The reason so many people tend to view these drugs as very similar is beause of their similar sounding name. If Dianabol was called Methylboldenone, many people would likely encounter the same confusion betwee the two.


Can you inject sub q with this?

Did you get this from a place in Argentina?


I said I took it from someone else. In fact my words were "I stole this from someone else". I don't want credit for it.

I ran across this in my research about the drug I was going to be putting into my body and thought it was really well written.


But googling tells me that what your taking is Oral Tren, well at least it is a steroid that is commonly taken orally. So is this to an extent similar to injectable Dbol/Winny?


Correct. It is often referred to as oral tren. When I started a thread regarding finding this a few people suggested that they were interested in seeing the results from a cycle of this. So, I decided to give it a shot.


methyltrienolone is called oral tren yes, but they are too totally different compounds


Today was my rest day. I'm going to continue with 1200mcg for awhile. I do feel like I'm starting to see fat burning or recomping effects. Abs are really starting to show some definition but I haven't lost any weight. I'm going to wait till the end of the cycle to make a full judgement on this but it currently looks promising. Sleep seems ok now. Night sweats still remain and I have been battling with acne on this cycle and this has seemed to make it worse.


This sounds amazing. I need to find some. Never seen it before.



I'm up to 1500mcg. Sleep has been pretty good. Strength is through the roof. Essentially all sides are gone now except maybe a little bit of a short temper, and the acne but nothing I can't handle. Nothing else to report currently.