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Injectable Methoxy

Bill, I remember in the original post about Methoxy that you mentioned something about making methoxy injectable. If this is possible, would you mind sharing the technique?

Yeah, do an injectable give-away! Hell, just make it available, I’ll pay for it. If I can grow some muscle without wrecking my own endocrine system and get my injecting fix, that would be too cool.

No, no, if it had occurred that anyone would
want to do it (which it would have if I’d been taking the time writing an article instead of a post) I’d have said nothing. To do it one would have to have pure 7-Hydroxy-EC powder in the first place anyhow. There would be no advantage to oral liquid other than perhaps cost. The reason for me to do it personally is to be able to quantitate bioavailability – how many milligrams orally is required to match how many milligrams by injection. After that determination I wouldn’t myself do it again but would return to using the liquid.

Bill, thanks for the reply. At least you’re a straightshooter. Yes, people do listen when Mr. Roberts speaks on a subject. lol Thanks Again