Injectable Dianabol

I called a local vet just out of curiosity to see if he has Dianabol in stock. He does! But it’s the injectable version, 50ml, 25ml/mg, $40. Think this is a good buy? Is this an effective form of Dianabol? Does it have to be administered ED or EOD? Recommended dosage?

I’ve done a couple of Google searches of this site and didn’t find anything about this. I found lots of data on the oral form but as far as injectable, nothing.


Do you live in T.J. or something?

you can make the injectable version from powders its the same as taken orally same 17A group and what not

Its probably just reforvit-B. No need to shoot it when you can just drink it. You should take d-bol at least 3 times a day, thats a lot of shots man…

there are three types of reforvit from loeffler. the first is pure metandrostenola. the second is metandrostenola and vitamins. they are used for animals, but have the same chemical compound as for humans. there is no differance except packaging. the one with the vitamins taste so bad i almost pucked when i took it. it comes in 25mg per cc or tab. there are two different types of the liquid though. one is drinkable and one is not. there is a method to check and see. i read about it in muscle media a few years ago. dan duchaine did the article. you put some in a in a petri (sp?) dish over night and if crystals form on the top then it is good to drink. i’d do a google search though and plug in the keywords, ddan duchaine, reforvit, muscle media to see what you come up with. because it was a while ago i read it and i’m not 100% of everything that was said in the article. i’ve used reforvit-b in liquid form twice. it was only $40 when i got it too. after i ried the test and tasted i said screw that and went w/ 5cc injections per week. that’s alot of liquid! next time consider picking up the pure form in pill form. it rocks! it’s my favorite. 1-2 pills a day twice a day with some deca300 from qv and some test enth and you’ll grow like a monster! that’s why they say it’s the “breakfast of champions”!!

P-DOG, Although I do live in Mexico, I?m over on the east coast of the country–Reynosa, Tamaulipas. It?s right on the Texas border.

Chtdrmn, I have yet to show up at this vet store and check out what else they have. I would guess they have orals and injectables and all sorts of crap. (As long as it?s not horse suppositories.) Where in Texas are you? Are you in the Rio Grande Valley?

Doanekw, He didn?t say it was Reforvit-B or D-bol. I asked him for those and he said, ?No, I don?t have those, but I do have Dianabol.? Who knows, I have to go there and see it myself. And yeah, no way I?m going to shoot up thrice daily. Drinking it sounds good. Cue Cat3slayer?

Cat3slayer, I?ll check that about whether it?s the drinkable form or not. You said you went with one 5cc shot a week? How did it work? And yeah, man, what I originally wanted was the pill form.

Anyway, I?ll go to the store and look at all the gear they have and let you guys know.

dbol, reforvit, dianabol, etc. are all the same name for ametandrostenola. the loeffler makes the reforvit and it comes in 25mg pill form. a bottle of 100 costs about $75.00 in mexico. if you o to a pharmacia ask if they have it. most do. and if it is a european steroid being sold in mexico it is usually a fake. so beware of this. i’ve been there a TON of times and have seen alot of different stuf over the years. go for loeffler or denkal’s pill form of dbol. you’ll be glad you did. plus check out quality vet’s products while you are there. they are top notch. they have oral dbol in pill form too, but i’ve never tried it. pm me if you get a chance