Injectable Dianabol 10x50mg/ml

I have plan to use injectable dianabol, there is a lot of opinions on dosage but for beginner is about 25mg or 0.5 ml optimal some say less while others says more up to 50 mg. Since this is oil and goes in the blood stream
bioavailability is higher than oral, half life of oral its just few hours but i found on site Inside Bodybuilding that half life of injectable oil is up to 39 hours.


“We find injectable Dianabol to have a considerably longer half-life than oral Dbol, so the results may not be as fast. However, users can experience more muscle and strength gains during the latter stages of a cycle. As injectable Dianabol can take longer to have an effect, users may want to increase the duration of their cycles.
The half-life of the injectable version is approximately 39 hours, which should be considered when planning or timing your PCT.
The reason why oral Dianabol has a much shorter half-life (3-6 hours) is because of liver metabolization, which speeds up the removal of the compound out of your body”.

Again some says that half life is same as oral but doctors claim different, so you can use it every two days or one and half day.
I think larger doses for beginners are unnecessary maybe few pounds more and bit of strength but sides are bigger.

In your opinion or expirience what is good starting dosage, how long to cycle it (6 or 8 weeks) and how much gains in weight and strength stays permanent.

I’v been offered next lab:
Canada Peptides 10x50mg/ml

Don’t be doing that. What are your goals? Inject test E or C to start. I would stay away from the dbol until you have a good handle how your body responds

I did Test E cycle and plan to use it again with danabol. I have good expirience with Test E not much sides but dose was low too. Well im beginner just did one cycle at age of 35, what im intrested in is half life of oil dbol how often it needs to be used.

From what I’ve read in this last is still a short half life. That’s the first time I’ve heard 39 hours. If so once a day pinning should be fine otherwise you’re married to doing it two times a day.

Theoretically speaking : dissolving a substance in oil is not the same as esterifying. It it is still methandienone with nothing attached to it, it would leech to blood circulation very rapidly without too much of lipase or esterase.
I’d take the article you sourced with a grain of salt. It is not a scientific article.
I guess 50 mg ED is too much for beginners or intermediates.

dbol is usually taken as a pill. Not something I would inject.

25mg seems reasonable

Depends on your goals, do you have any? And your health, if you care about that.

No one can tell you this