Injectable Anadrol or Superdrol?

One of my sources now has inj. adrol and sdrol. Anyone who has used these how did it work? any pip? daily injections I’m assuming? side effects or anything different from the orals that would make you would go one over the other? any other info please share. Thanks

fyi it’s in grain alcohol I believe

EDIT: After doing a bunch of research it turns out that you do not inject orals that are in grain alcohol. they are dosed as they would be in oral form except per mL, and are meant to be taken orally. sometimes flavor is even added and is usually in 190 proof alcohol. the purpose is to make it less harsh on the liver because it is dissolved faster and hits the blood stream immediately. I’m not condoning this at all this post was strictly for informational purposes only and I wanted to clarify for anyone who might have a similar question in the future.

As far as pharmacokinetics are involved, I never heard about injectable versions of the steroids you mention, seems that your source may be bunk but who knows, would need a lab test to determine

I’ve seen them quite a bit just never dabbled in them but I am interested bc I would imagine it would be less liver taxing

There is def injectable anadrol and superdrol. In theory you can make anything injectable.

Why tho? It doesn’t really make it less liver toxic. It also usually come with pip.

IL stick to orals when possible

JFC. Either that’s wrong or the source is a goddamn maniac. Injecting grain alcohol is one of the dumbest things you could voluntarily do. It’s most likely suspended in water like Winstrol or mixed in oil like everything else.

exactly what I thought I did some research tho and it looks like people do it. from what I can gather its mixed with something else as well as the oral and it basically brings it to a liquid form ? strangest shit I’ve ever heard I think I’m gunna stear clear unless someone here posts some info that we don’t know about