Injectable 4-Hydroxy Test

Anyone use it with success??

I read that 1000mg of 4-Hydroxy Test Cyp would be equal to 750mg of regular Test Cyp. per week, but without the water retention. Anyone…

Out of 80 views nobody has an opinion, or educated guess???

I haven’t seen TrenFreak around here in a while but, hopefully he will be able to chime in some time and tell you what he thought before all of his stuff was scattered across the highway. I do recall him comparing the injectable 4AD he tried to winny. He said gave him energy and made him sweet like through the night bad enough that his sheets were soaked come morning.
Well thats all I can remember from his old thread.

Tren-Freak was using 4AD Cyp. This is not the same as 4-HT. I have used 4AD Cyp as well and I did not feel I got anything from it. In fact, I switched over to 4AD-EC after about 5 weeks of it. 4-HT is relatively new so few have tried it. If anyone out there has, let us know.