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Injectable 4-AD

Has anyone here used (and made) injectable 4-AD? If so, what were your results and dosages.

Don’t make injectable 4-AD (as opposed
to 4-AD-EC.) The half-life is way too short,
and besides this the purity of some of the
4-AD products is not good. For a decent
duration of action you need an ester or
a suspension, and a good suspension is not
so easy to prepare.

Bill, you say it would work if you got a decent suspension of 4-ad. “animal” has a kit that will put 4-ad into a suspension and many people on his website are doing it and say it works. what are your thoughts on this??
(by the way, I am NOT looking for an alternative to mag-10, just something to stack with fina)

In principle if one has a good suspension of
clean 4-AD this would be an excellent product. Though of course it would do nothing that cannot be accomplished by achieving equally high, consistent blood levels of 4-AD by other means.

At the very least, examine the 4-AD being used most closely. Is it snow white? It should be. Is it absolutely tasteless? It should be. Does a sample dissolve into ethanol, isopropyl alcohol (in both these cases,
at least 95% pure, no more than 5% water
preferably) without residue? The answer is
yes for pure 4-AD. If the answer for a given
product is no, or as in the case of the
US-made product “HELL no, not even remotely close!” then personally I would not inject it since it clearly is lacking in purity.