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Injectable 4-AD

Hi Bill. Hope you’re doing well and thanks in advance for all your help. A friend just informed me that Animal has made injectable 4-AD available in 20 or 50cc vials. I was interested in trying this and seeing how it compares to things like topical 4-AD or Mag-10. However, I am not sure as to the dosages. HOw much and how frequently? I would like to try a couple of 2-week cycles with 2 weeks between them. Bill, do you see any problems with this? Is this form of 4-AD legal? How does it compare to Mag-10 (I’ve done 2 cycles and love the results)? Will it be a good addition to Mag-10? Anything to watch out for? Once I get your response I’ll keep you posted as to my results. Your articles and replies have really been helpful to me over the last year. I really appreciate your help with this matter. All the best,


It is illegal to sell an injectable. He must be selling it as a (wink wink) topical. Dumbass is going to bring the feds down on the whole supplement industy. Bill has also written before that Androsol topical gets just as much 4-AD into the sytem as injectable, plus it is a sustained release. Injection would have the same probs in that regard as pills. Dumb idea.

In a way I said that, but in another way I certainly didn’t. The way that I did is, by applying a larger amount (like one gram per day) you can get as much 4-AD as you’d want into the system topically. But the way I did not is, much less is required by injection to give the same effect.

For injection, you’d either want an ester or a suspension for sufficient duration of action. A 4-AD oil solution (not particles, but dissolved) would be too short acting.

I’d most certainly hope that any injectable kit used some of the high quality 4-AD available from China, instead of the quite miserable domestic product.