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Inject Vit D?


What do you think of injectible vit D


Only if one cannot get levels up with orals and/or sunshine.

Note that there is a rare genetic condition where vit-D25 and other steroid hormones are spilled by the kidneys. I have one guy who may have that issue, 15,000iu vit-D3 is not enough for him and he also needs to take 300mg T cyp per week to get levels up.

A variation of this type of kidney problem may be responsible for the guys that we see hear who need to take 300mg T per week to get by. And those should take 6,000iu/day vit-D3 then later test vit-D25 levels later to determine if they have something unusual there too. These problems are probably under detected and under reported.


thank you sir,did not mean to start a new thread..