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Inject or Not?


So, I cracked open my first ampoule and the ampoule had a green ring around it.....well this green ring fell into the gear. So I am assuming this is now contaminated? Should I throw this 250mg of gear down the toilet or inject?


EDIT: A portion of this green ring fell in, it was like a paint particle...the ring I suppose is some sort of paint.


Did you sterilize the ampule? Handle it much before cracking it? Honestly I've never used ampules before so I'm not the guy to give you an answer, but I imagine you need to make a quick decision, and I'd base my decision upon the answers to the above two questions, were it me in that situation.


The ampoule was not sterilized before hand....I haven't really read anything about sterlizing the ampoule before hand so i'm not sure if I should in the future. Probably not a bad idea. I didn't touch the ampoule a lot per say....but I guess any touching period is a bad thing.

I guess my question is.....I know I am taking a risk if I inject, but how much of a risk is it really? In other words, how many of you have done something similar and injected without any problems?



So you touched that ring? Whatever that was...

Remember that you are also injecting through skin that is loaded with germs. Using an alcohol prep pad does not change things much.

You can heat test esters without any damage. Put foil over the ampule and heat in a 200F oven, it should come to temp quite fast. If you put it in simering water, it would want to tip over. Some water would condense inside... should not be an issue.

Some of the BA will boil out, but that will not matter if you are going to load and shoot it all. You can preload syringes as well if you do not want to inject all at once.


Why not get some filters, and run your gear through that first. Search for "Whatmans filters", I think.


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Ok, thanks.......I set that syringe aside and will use it for my next injection.