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Initial Deadlift Weakness in Legs, Trap Bar Deadlifts?

In the book it says trap bar deadlifts are interchamgeable as the mainlift. Since i have a hard time starting my deadlift movement, i believe my quads are weak.

I do goodmornings as my big assistance movement. Would i be correct to switch to a different deadlift style with the trapbar?

I’m not sure what you mean by starting the deadlift movement and I’m not sure if good mornings will do anything for your quads.

Are you able to break the floor at all? At what weight do you encounter difficulty? Can you provide more details?

Is a form check video possible? It would probably help with providing advice as well.


I agree with jason.

I would add to make sure your deadlift TM is correct, and to start “too light” on this particular lift to get your work in with good form and proper bar speed. To reiterate what Jason said, I’d have someone check out your DL form, because if your having a hard time starting the movement, either the weight’s too heavy or something is off on your form/technique.

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You should not be using your quads in the first place… Save them for squats.

Check out some of rippetoe’s videos on proper deadlifting technique.

Yeah who even uses their quads when they deadlift…

That’s sarcasm, isn’t it?

That’s correct.

I guess we’re not on the same page.
While of course you do need quads for a part of the movement, they’re not part of the main movers. Doing a proper deadlift, your quads will already be extended in a 70° position.

If your quads fatigue when deadlifting, you’re doing something wrong.
Or you have very weak quads in comparison and I have yet to see a person with this issue.
It’s usually the hamstrings that are underdeveloped.

Yeahhh, ill adjust my form, iguess ill stop dropping my hips in the movement. I looked at rippetoes videos. Thankyou. Ill post back here if i have more issues… have a feeling ill need to drop the weight significantly

What these guys said. Your hamstrings are probably weak and it sounds like your form is off.

Add a ton of GHRs or RDLs and keep on working your form.