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Initial Blood Test Before Starting TRT

Greetings everyone! I’m new to the forum and getting ready to start TRT. A little about me: 52 Years Old, 5’9" 174lbs, Active…but slowing down. All symptoms of low T. If anyone has time, give me a little insight on these results. image

The elephant in the room is your SHBG, when SHBG is elevated it binds up the majority of Free T, the stuff circulating in the blood, Total T is bound to SHBG and isn’t bioavailable. You can have a Total T of 2000 and if SHBG is high enough, Free T will be affected negatively.

You may in fact require supraphysiological doses of testosterone to ever have enough Free T, now your only problem is navigating all the incompetent doctors who refer to themselves as TRT specialists. There aren’t many doctors who truly understand how to do TRT let alone know how to manage symptoms you may encounter, those that do rarely accept insurance.

You’re going to need TRT. Your free testosterone is 56pg/mL and you are at 1.17% free. You’ll be a lot happier with tripling your free test, at least double it. Ideally, free test should be between 2-3%

Also, your thyroid isn’t great. Your reverse T3 is high, relative to your free T3, which should be 3.5 or higher, close to 4.2. Given your reverse T3 of 19, you need to get free T3 to 3.8+.