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Inital Cylce


I've read the stickies... Really.

Planning 1ml of Test E for 8 weeks. Is 1ml enough? Also unsure what PCT would be correct for this small a cylce. Planning a 2nd cycle after the first, how long should I wait? Trying to stay as simple as possible first time out of the gate.



no one can tell you if 1ml is enough if we don't know how many mg per ml your test e. You've read the the stickies, really? Not even a proposed PCT? That I can assure you is in the stickies


most test E is 200 mg/ml, so 1 ml is not enough to see any real effect in 8 weeks. You need 500 mg/week minimum. PCT is same as for any test-based cycle. As stated above, read the stickies.