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Inhibiting estrogen

According to AST Sports Science, estrogen is necessary for T-receptor signaling, and reducing estrogen can reduce the effectiveness of T 30 fold. Is this true?

Micheal. You bring up a point that I feel strongly about (and that I’ve commented on in the past).

The Endocrine system is a VERY delicate system consisting of the interaction of often NANOgram amounts of very powerful substances. Their interplay and interaction has developed over thousands of years of human existance. It is that interplay and interaction of hormones that often leads to amazing reactions within the body.

Too often we get into this argument of “bad” hormones (e.g. Cortisol and Estrogen) and “good” hormones. This can really be misleading. We need them all in order to have an efficiently functioning physiology.

So…what’s my point? 1) We need to take the idea of Hormonal Manipulation VERY seriously when it’s done.2) No Hormone is inherently “good” or “bad”. Specifically as it relates to Estrogen, I agree with something Bill stated in response to one of my questions:

“Certainly we need to be concerned if estrogen is high and testosterone is low. But also if estrogen is high and testosterone is midrange, then decreasing estrogen to mid or low normal (BUT STILL IN THE NORMAL RANGE) will increase testosterone.

Similarly, even with high normal testosterone, if estrogen levels are high, decreasing them to mid or low normal would I am guessing (the above two are observed but this is a guess) still increase testosterone somewhat. But the benefit would be less than in the above two cases.”

So…1)get hormonal levels measured. 2)Only be concerned with Estrogen with the scenarios Bill brought up, because even in the male, it is a neccesary hormone. Hope this helps!

Guys, read or reread these two articles; they clearly explain why we NEED to control estrogen!!! Our human evolution never envisioned Plastics, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, PCB’s or Pesticides like DDT, which dramatically disturb the balance of things. Besides as we age, enzymes in the body increase that turn the bodies “T” into “E.”


Joe: I agree with control…but I get the impression that many feel that as a hormone, we should try to “eliminate” Estrogen (or suppress it to death) much like many did fat in the 80’s and 90’s…balance is the key with the Endocrine System…

Mufasa: I liked your analogy referring to the
foolishness of the 80’s + 90’s, encouraging us to “eliminate” fat from our diet! (I wonder whatever became of Susan Powter… hmmmm…?) Yes, Mufasa, BALANCE is the “key” to all things in life! Being
“slightly” older than most of the posters on this
GREAT FORUM, balancing “T” to “E”… is a little more
complicated for me.

As a side note: have been on "M" for 2-1/2 weeks now (4 caps per day) and like our friend Heb, I'm starting to see some results. Have begun to notice some spontaneous fat loss while on the "M,"... plus a few more things. But I'm not ready to make any definitive statements yet; hope to share results on a future thread. P.S. I got a kick out of the My Man Joe thing! ;-)