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Inhalers lower Cortisol after cycle?

Anyone have any info on using inhalers after a cycle to block a cortisol increase?

This is presuming that cortisol will rise after a cycle because most steroids will lower/block cortisol, and some of the losses after a cycle are attributed to a ‘release of the dam’ of cortisol activity.

Inhalers such as Albuterol are closely related to clenbuterol in regards to Beta2 activity (agonist). So can we use cortico- inhalers after a cycle instead of ephedra or clen?

Have I stumbled on something, or am I stupid? For the record this would be applying to a deca, winstrol 8 week cycle.

Well it is a beta adrenergic agonist just like clenbuterol so It should have the same effects.

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I don’t know enough about physiology etc to know. But it makes sense. I know guys use albuterol for the other same purposes as clen.