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Inguinal Hernia


Alright people, awaiting an inguinal hernia op. Been working out for 6 months and now have to stop lifting and pretty gutted, any ideas on whats safe to do in the mean time. The surgion said I can lift 2 weeks after my key-hole surgery. This seems too good to be true !, anyone been there and done that ? Thanks in advance for any ideas.


Hey buddy,

2-3 weeks off lifting isnt too bad. Have a rest, let your ligament and tendons have a break.

Can you expain to me the symptoms of a inguinal hernia. Im having problems with my groin/lower abdomiman myself. What type of surgeon does your surgery?



Hi 'the bird'

Yea the 2-3 weeks wouldnt be to bad but ive had the hernia for the last 8 weeks and the op could be in as much as another 10 weeks so its really doing my head in, as a beginner I was just starting to see some results and since the new hernia its all starting to fade.

The symtons is a small bulge on the left or right side of the groin area just below the bet line. Think the surgeon is a normal one who does all sorts of ops, my surgion is called Mr la la beleive it or not . Nice guy, he operated on my last one, but i was'nt training back then !!


J What's up I have had my Ing Hernia going on 2 years I am lifting 4 times a week my doc told me to wait as long as I Could I wear a hernia belt without the pad in it I take a tshirt sleeve and roll it up and put it on the left side where my hernia is. It really sucks having a hernia but it is just a minor set back compared to some injuries and or critical diseases at least that is how I look at it! It has made me lift more controlled tightening my core on every lift let me know how your surgery goes because I know I will have to have surgery eventually as well.


Oh yeah my brother inlaw had ing hernia surgery too he had the mesh put in and it took him a good month before he was really back at it he said it was rough the first week and tender for about a month


I'm confused. why would the doctor tell you to hold off as long as possible for the surgery. If you had surgery then he could fix your hernia and you could go back to lifting without the pain and possibility of your guts ripping further out of your stomach.


No gar once you change the body it's done but I,m with ya on that your body already has an injury that is not going to correct itself my doc also recommended shouldice procedure rather than mesh because of greater chance of complications. BOTTOM LINE HERNIAS SUCK!!!!!!!!!


I had hernia surgery several years ago and recently had a second surgery to clean out scar tissue. There are several things to keep in mind.

First, doctors are not strength coaches. When you tell them that you "lift weights" they automatically take it to mean that you train like you're about to audition for the cast of Jersey Shore. It's true that you may be able to "lift" again after 2 weeks if your definition of lifting is cable crossovers and concentration curls. (which is totally fine if that's your thing)

But if you train like an athlete, with heavy and/ or explosive compound movements you need to take it really slow. In the immediate weeks after surgery I would recommend doing only exercises where your torso/ back is supported. Keep lower body work to things like bodyweight lunges and squats and don't even think about deadlifting. When you get back into it, grease the groove by progressing very slowly. You'll be back to your old numbers in no time.

Having the operations actually helped me in a way because I used the months following to reprogram my body and focus on proper form. I recommend that you use this time to do the same.


How long is 'no time'?
I recently developed a hernia and am currently awaiting an appointment with NHS consultant/surgeon. Likely to be months before it is addressed and am beginning to climb the walls.
I'm a 'mature' trainer and have been pleased with my gains over the last few years but alarmed at how quickly I'm losing mass without proper lifting.


For those of you that have gotten this type of injury, what specific problems or symptoms did you have before the actual hernia occured ? Were you having much groin or anterior hip pain in the months before it happened ?


Not in my case. It was quite sudden tough I can't honestly remember exactly what I was doing at the time.
I went very light headed and I just KNEW something was wrong but didn't associate it with my groin at the time. It was a day or two later I found the lump and then 'connected the dots'.


Has anyone had this or similar procedure?
"Under local anaesthesia, a small incision is made over the site of the hernia. The peritoneal bulge is returned to where it belongs, as before, but the repair is achieved by placing a piece of fine (inert and sterile) mesh at the opening in the tissue. This is firmly held in place and the outer incision closed. The whole operation takes minutes to perform."
Taken from The British Hernia Centre's website. They claim a very high success rate and pretty much immediate recovery. Sounds too good to be true?


I dont know how off topic this is but does anyone else have any stretch marks on thier hips anywhere ?

I got this snarl of marks (kind of faded) all up and down the edge of the iliac crest on my right side , and go about halfway down to the pubis .

This particular area in my adductors has been getting more irritated (adductor brevis?) and it will kind of twinge and bug me when im walking. Its really starting to piss me off. I dont think its footwear because i tried just walking barefoot and i would feel it then too.


tis true . I was back doing floor presses in under 2 weeks . started bare-bar squatting in about 23 days or so . started adding plates after 5 weeks if I recall .

pre-surgery......quit DL'ing about a month prior . ME benched right up to the day before surgery .