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Inguinal Hernia Pain


I was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia in Early December of last year. I had surgery done liposcopically (murdered the spelling) and had mesh put in. I started back in about 4 weeks after surgery, and didn't go below 8 reps for anything until 8 weeks post-op.

However, I have occasional pain in the same area I had the hernia. I feel around to make sure I've got nothing popping through, but I still get some small pains there sometimes. Usually it's after a heavy squat/deadlift day, or haha, when I wake up in the morning and have to piss really bad. Anyone else have hernia surgery done and still have little 'tweaks' sometimes? I want to make sure everythings in order.


Had the same surgery 14 years ago. I've got two sets of mesh in me. Hasn't stopped me, getting stronger all the time. Still get pains there from time to time, but no bulbous mass protruding through my abdominal wall. Even after ass to grass singles.


I was told I had a bilateral inguinea hernia by my general physician, but the specialist considered that it may be swollen lymph nodes. After a couple of weeks of antibiotics the swelling went down. I heard that after getting the mesh screen put in that you can't get a hernia in the same spot again.



I have the same problem. It prevents me from doing wide squats and deadlifts. At least thats when it becomes more painful.

So basically I've abandoned them. The thought of having my "innerds" fill my scrotum scare the life out of me.


I had this surgery and apparently mine was a bad case.

No weight training of any kind for 3 months. No running for 2 months.

I gave it 4 to be safe and even then I had a few scares where I thought it had opened up. Happily they were just scares.

I'd visit a doc to be sure. Peace of mind.


Had surgery for one myself in November, followed by shoulder surgery in December. Happy holidays...

Needless to say, my return to activity has been slow and gradual. I've been running (I'm an endurance athlete) since mid-January off and on, and I have lifted the last three weeks, but haven't squatted anything over 100 lbs. Just trying to retrain the movement. Then, two days ago, not immediately following a workout or a toilet trip, the area where I was injured before started hurting like hell. It's since gotten worse, perhaps related to my running yesterday. Still, even with the morning off, it hurts today, and the pain seems to include the area around my stitches now, too.

I have no bulge anywhere, but I didn't the first time around either, so I'm nervous and a bit pissed. I had the mesh put in, and the doc said I was good to go for any and all activity, but I've been careful. I'm hoping for a good diagnosis next Tuesday when I get in to see the doc.

Bottom line: take it easy and see a doc, because hernias seem to be pesky little bastards out to kill your athletic efforts.


This sounds like a question for bodyguard and prof X...


Same story here except mine was 6 years ago. Pains (or just rather some minor discomfort) from time to time, nothing too bad. If it did start to hurt too bad though I would be back to the doc in a sec to get it checked.


I had this same surgery last September and I was at full speed by December. I have also been experiencing pains similar to what you describe.

It feels like there is a lack of elasticity in that area that becomes more pronounced as I fatigue. Generally, the more fatigued I get, particularly on a heavy leg day, the worse the pain is. I also experience the painful peeing/full bladder that you have.

It just feels like nothing is as flexible down there as it was before. There is a foreign object in you that is much stronger than anything it's attached to, so to me it feels like that's just a side effect of not having abs as strong as kevlar. So long as it goes away when I stop, I'll deal with it. In your case, I would definitely give it a few months to heal completely before I'd worry.


I had surgery to repair bilateral inguinal hernias about seven years ago. I experienced pain similar to what you described post-op. Diagnosis was entrapped nerve. As this was some time ago, I?m not really sure what the nerve was entrapped in, whether it be the scar tissue forming in and around the mesh or the surgical scar itself. Presumably the former. (It?s almost certainly not another hernia as nothing is getting through that mesh again.)

Anyway, the solution was a series of injections directly at the site of the pain to deaden the nerve. This was fairly unpleasant, as it involved getting poked repeatedly with a needle until I experienced the exact pain they were looking to control. Had like three injections over a few months, never felt it again. If the injections don?t work, they can just sever that nerve, although I think this is pretty much a last resort, particularly given the area they?re working in here.

Seven years on, no problems. It's like I never had the surgery.


How do you know if you have a hernia? I have a pain somewhere in my lower abdomen when I go heavy on squats. How do I know if I should get it checked on?


It has been 14 years this month,mesh on the traditional onthe left side and two years later,a mesh on the right.


I tend to agree with this perspective, because I could feel the scar tissue breaking up in the early weeks of running after my surgery. But my current pain feels different, almost directly in the spot of my first hernia, and very similar pain to the original injury, not like the stiffness and soreness brought on by running...


I don't know if I'm better off or worse off than you guys. I just found out I have what two docs have described as an "asymptomatic" abdominal tissue hernia. I wrote about it here https://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1151725
I have no pain or problems but my abs bulge out about 3 inches beyond my chest (even though I have only 6% body fat). It's frustrating!


The pain is normal. You will feel this for the rest of your life. The reason...You still have a hernia, it is just mended with mesh. The mesh stretches as you push or lift heavy objects, resulting in that pulling feeling that you feel in your scar.
Also, the scar tissue that builds up behind your scar is sometimes painfull.

I had this done about 5 years ago, still feel it from time to time! Your OK!


I've had it done too.

Occasionally you will get tweaks and start worrying like fu*k that you screwed it up again.

Generally its fine after a few days and some stretching.

It can be pain often as a result of fascial impingement from the surgery.

I wouldn't worry mate unless it gets very bad.
Just take your time working up and try and keep as good a form sqauttign as possible.

Core work is important in the sense of maintaining as decent an Anterior Pelvic Tilt as possible.