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Inguinal Crease....


Okay, before you all start bashing on me and mention usher or brad pitt, just answer the damn question. How can I work (bulk) on my inguinal crease?
Don't give me the genetics shit either, because its not. Last summer I was about 2% lower bf and didn't have the crease that I do now. The muscle is much bigger, for sure. Honestly I noticed it the most after about 2 mo of seeing this girl and fucking more often. I have an idea of how it's been getting bigger as far as the movement, but how the fuck do I do those motions without looking like a perv/idiot in the gym??
Aside from more sex, what actual exercises work??


I would think that some hanging leg raises/tucks would help you out there Mr.Beckham.

Not sure though.


Maybe try laying on your back, hands under your arse, pick your legs of the floor and do
Leg Raises,
Flutter Kicks,
Circles Legs together
Circles Legs Apart
Floor Sweepers

See you at the next Fight Club meet Tyler.

Shit, I broke the first rule....or was it the second rule....?


Well you've seen good noob gains from sex, but you can't keep on having the same level of sex and expect to keep seeing the same results from it. It's all about progressive resistance and adding weight for sexual hypertrophy.

How much weight have you added to your sex? You should try and add a little bit of weight to your sex each time. Or a few more reps at least! Once you can sex up to 2x bodyweight you won't be asking about small creases!

Also what does your sex set/rep scheme look like?

I've found good results from high frequency and high rep training. Try variations too, make sure you hit it from every angle. Always start with big compound sex followed by some good isolation sex so you get a killer pump. As long as your diet is in check you should see some results.

Or if that fails you could try MMF.


"Just answer the damn question"?

How about f*ck you? Please.



more info needed from the OP


video of the sex please


Sex and milk.


pussy and pancakes FTW.


The inguinal crease, itself, is just referring to the line where your legs connect to your torso, near your groin. If you want to tone and strengthen this area, you must focus on what muscles cross over this crease, and what their action is. Your coxal joint is capable of multiple movements. What we have to look at, are the movements that involve the anterior side of the body, around the inguinal crease. That would then point you in the direction of flexion of the coxal joint/ hip flexion. Any workout that involves lower abs and anterior leg lifts will work the inguinal area.