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Ingrown hairs

I get super annoying and generally nasty ingrown hairs on my cheek. They typically get a bit infected and don’t heal well, and I can’t seem to make this stop reoccuring. Does anyone have tips on how to stop this? Thanks.

Use a little neosporin on the area after you shave. I know some chics that do this after they shave their box with a razor. It supposed to prevent ingrown hairs.

Use Clinque’s shaving cream not foam. It helps prevent ingrown hairs and razors bumps, if that doesn’t work try Bic’s Metal Shaver with the shaving cream, they work for me.

First of all, shave right after a shower. It’s cool if you can heat your shaving cream as well. Now, shave your hair against the grain. Put a light coat of shaving cream on and shave with the grain.
The first time lifts the hairs up, the second shave cuts the hairs closer while preventing them from curling under into the skin. Rinse your face with cold water to soothe the irritated skin. Use green alcohol or if you have dry skin, witch hazel as an astringent to avoid infection. Use an aftershave that re moisturizes your skin, so your skin won’t rebel by making your face extra oily which can clog your pores and lead to ingrown hairs also.

If you see the hairs becoming ingrown, get some tweezers with pointed tips, dip them in alcohol and lift the hairs up out of the skin so they can grow without irritating your skin, put alcohol on the area.

Alternative, use Magic Shave facial depilatory with skin conditioners, I shave my face and head and used to get ingrown hairs on my neck line and throat, now I use Magic Shave and I don’t have any problems.

I’d consult a dermatologist to get an idea of which option is best for you.

The best thing for this is not to shave with a razor but get hair clippers and go against the grain with these. Will not shave really close but will definitely prevent your problem.

I use Lubriderm Extra Moisturizing lotion right after a hot shower instead of shaving cream, and then the same lotion again as an aftershave moisturizer. It’s unscented, so you won’t smell like a chick when your done. I’ve found it helps to shave as lightly as possible and go “with the grain”. If I shave against the grain, it’s way too close and the razorburn makes it look like I shave with a cheese grater. Happy shaving.

timmy k, we ARE talking about a facial cheek here, right? I’d hate to think I just coached somebody I don’t even know on how to properly shave his ass.