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Ingrown Hairs


Does anybody have any experience with ingrown hairs at the top part at the back of the neck, where the neck meets the hair line? I used to shave back there, but I only trim now due to ingrown hairs. I have some seemingly permanant, unsightly bumbs. I have a had them for a few years now and they don't seem to be reducing.

Does anybody know of a solution or treatment?


You could... always talk to a doctor/dermatologist. It'll be a lot quicker and easier getting a straigh-forward solution than trying everybody's secret remedies.


I'd go to the the doctor, or ask your grandma if she's talented in home remedies.

Otherwise...nothing from me except rip that stuff out!


Yes. Travel to the far reaches of your supermarket's back wall in the health and beuty section where they toss all of the african american hair care and shaving products and see if you can find "Bump Stopper". It usually works well, however, I would use it at night as it can possibly stain the back of collared shirts.


Or you could try what women do to stop ingrown hairs and use an exfoliant scrub. If that is not manly enough, you can also use a loofa.

; )


Yeah they swirl up inside you. I cut one out, and it was like a little spring, only made of hair, all wound up inside the bump.

Good luck.


What thirstygirl said. And no I'm not a metro sexual. If it works I adopt it.

I moved in with a girl and for a while I doubted my masculinity but hey the shit works! And it all smells so good too.

Exfoliant and after shave mouisturiser.

And with that I'm off to knit another cardigan!


Back in the day, when I shaved my head, I would use this stuff afterwards. It has salicylic acid (yes, aspirin), which - when applied topically - causes follicles to contract and the hair to stand straight.

The product Prof X mentioned probably works just as well, as it sounds as if to serve the same purpose.


Either do what X said or use an electric razor.


What X said, or go to the dr. if it's an extreme case.

We had Marines who would get those bumps so severely that we'd use Kenalog shots throughout the back of their scalp to expedidte healing.


This all helps. Thanks. Hopefully it is not a "spring of hairs" or something of the sort. I would vommit. Something is definitely packed in there, though.


Oh, it's more than likely hair coiled up like a sneaky snake in a fake jar of peanut brittle. Be prepared.

Don't sweat it though dude, happens to a lot of guys all the time.


That's what it'll be, because it grows and just curls up.


aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid.. just thought a clarification would be in order so people don't start drinking their zit medicine to cure their headaches


Just buy a bunch of pink shirts and pop the collar on them. Problem solved.

Give your woman a needle and tell her to start digging. She'll probably get some sick kind of pleasure out of it.


Dude I take it you shave your head with a razor? When you shave the back of your head particularily near the neck, go with the grain of the hair on the last inch or two on your head. I know it sounds stupid but if you use a double bladed razor you can barely tell. I get the bumps sometimes when I'm in a hurrry and shave against the grain too close to the nape of my neck. It is quiet common. Also try Neutragena shaving cream and the exfoliant. It sounds gay but I'd rather sound like a "mo" than be all bumby and hideous looking, the Neutrgena stuff is supposed to prevent ingrown hairs, and if you do get them they are easy to remove,

By the way, you do not have to be black to get the bumps, Honkeys with nappy hair get them too!



True, also, a lot of the Marines we dealt with having this malady were Mexicans... For some reason their hair on the neck just do well being shaved close to the skin, and when it is those little hairs get angry.


Yeah, what's up with that anyway?



Maybe we all secretly want to be bad surgeons.


Tilt your head back, reach back and feel the knot where your skull connects to your spinal cord, I know there's a technical name for it but I don't know it. From here down , shave with the grain, " should be stroking the razor down", and you shouldn't have any problems. I run into the bumps alot, just remember the skin there is more tender and when you shave the hair below the surface of the skin it will grow back and unfortunately cause bumps.