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Ingredients Per Scoop


When you look at the ingredients in a powdered supplement. How do you know you are getting those ingredients with every scoop? Is it an average? or is it just on such a micro scale that each 'particle' of powder has each of thsoe ingredients? surely some compounds would settle to the bottom or middle if it weren't? anyone?


You have to shake the Jug rapidly before each scoop to keep it from settling in my opinion. I find it is a good warm up for my workout. Just gets hard finding the scoop sometimes.


honestly, i stay away from products that have multiple ingredients usually... as supp companies are overcharging for the ingredients used...A lot of supp companies just sprinkle small amounts of ingredients in their product...if you see a supplement with like 30 ingredients..chances are it is mainly 3-4 cheaper ingredients(like dextrose, caffeine, creatine monohydrate)....

they then claim they are using more expensive ingredients on the packaging/ads like creatine pyruvate and whey isolates....when in reality they are using creatine mono and whey concentrate...

I do trust Biotest's products....but, i can't say the same for other companies...


I'm aware of the whole "proprietary blend" thing but my question was, how do we know we are getting X amount of leucine each scoop for example. The label has quite exact numbers when it comes to the amount of bcaa per serving of protein powders for example.


Wait a second. You do know that BCAAs are present in ALL proteins. If you know the amino acid profile of the particular type of protein, you know the amount of specific amino acids per gram of protein.

For other supps. Are the particles all the same size? If yes, then the blend will be very very close to uniform.


yea, sorry protein powder was a bad example i guess. but things like BCAA powder that are not in capsules, MAG-10, Anaconda, SWF, N.O supplements...