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Ingredients in Recently Purchased PH

I’m not new to any of this and its not even mine so spare me the lectures. I just came across this stuff my brother in law bought and read the nomenclature and from what i can tell it has 3 scheduled substances. Perhaps it was made pre 2014 ban? Is it just straight bunk or did this place find a workaround?

Looks like: Methasterone, Alpha One and Methylstenbolone

How could that be?


Alpha One-35mg

Your brother in law hates his liver, doesn’t he?

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sure yes lol but my question is whether or not its possible those things are even in it. all three were banned like 5 years ago but it had an expiration in 2020 and he bought it from the mall.

If someone is willing to buy it then someone else will sell it. You can absolutely get banned stuff all over the place, even at the mall. I assume this was a small, independent supplement shop. They only follow the rules of someone is looking over their shoulder. And no one is most of the time.

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well ill be damned lol, yeah it was a very small shop