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Ingredient Listing: 'And/Or' BS


I think it is bullshit that they can get away with the "and/or" part of it. I want to know what I am putting in my body. I don't want to consume soybean oil or cottenseed oil, but I am fine with palm oil.

I suppose I could just stay away from it all together because I should be staying away from processed foods anyway, but just wondering on how they can get away with not telling you what exactly is in their product.

Anybody with any insight?


Manufacturers will substitute similiar ingredients based on price and availability. If palm oil is expensive this month, they'll use rapeseed oil. If their rapeseed oil source is out, they'll use cottonseed oil.

They need some flexibility without having to reprint their containers every month.


Makes sense to me.


Where can I find this rapeseed oil?


When it comes to supplements, I'm more skeptical of 'Proprietary Blends'.



You're in Canada, you should know better.


I don't know buddy, we're pretty slow up here in Canada, eh