Inglourious Basterds

Saw this movie last night. It was one of the best movies ive seen in a while. what are your thoughts. I thought it was fuking awesome and im probably going to see it again cause you miss a lot of minor stuff.

I want to see this badly…but the X-games 3d movie is only in theaters for 1 week so I’ll be seeing that tonight and catching this another time.

It was pretty sick

Its brilliant!

I know this question will spoil the movie for me, but does this show have a “Wild Bunch” ending?


The movie was great. The guy who played the Jew hunter was really good.

The movie is terrific, I had no idea the movie was gonna be so long ( 2hr 33m). Needed a few more action scenes imo.

Not enough Pitt!

Bear Jew!

Amazing movie, I gladly sing on Tarantinos nuts.

Jew hunter was amazing. I loved the bear jew scene under the bridge.

Even though it was so long, it was over before I realized I had been sitting for 2.5 hours. I was bored for about 15-20 minutes in the beginning, but other then that I loved it.

I describe it as ‘Valkyrie, with Men.’

I also describe it as ‘Tarantino out-revisioning Oliver Stone in the best way possible.’

Just saw it tonight. It was fucking awesome. I agree that the actor playing the Jew Hunter was really good. Pitt was hilarious and manly as fuck.

Needed more of Pitt’s Character he was fucken funny.

There were boring scenes but they were overshadowed by the stellar acting

Pure Awesome.

The slowest part of the film was the start, after that I didn’t even realise I was watching a movie for an hour and a half.

Unfortunately there was some handicapped bloke in the cinema who kept laughing out loud during the quiet moments which threw the mood off.

The ending is badass


The Bear Jew, Sgt. Donowitz, is played by Eli Roth. He produced, wrote and directed Cabin Fever, Hostel and Hostel II, movies which many people have labeled as “torture porn”.

He calls this movie “Jew porn”.

I thought it was really good. B J Novak, the guy from the office, said in an interview that they had so much footage in the can that the movie could have been 9 hours long. I would like to see more adventures of the Basterds, and I think this movie deserved the Kill Bill treatment (being split into two parts) more than Kill Bill did. I hope the DVD is loaded with hours of unused scenes.

One of the best all around films I’ve seen In a long time. Tarantino has always been famous for his use and mastery of language… but this was truly brilliant.

The big question is Pulp Fiction or Inglorious Basterds? I can’t decide which is better. I’m leaning towards the latter but I’m not sure.

Interesting. I wasn’t going to see it, as it’s got some really bad reviews over here. I read one today which gave it one star but after seeing all the positive comments, I might check it out.

Did Tarantino have a cameo in this movie? I didn’t catch it if he did.