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Ingestion v. Absorbtion of PH


Does anyone have deep thoughts on whether it would be better to allow Epistane to absorb through the cheeks and gums to get to the blood stream in its powder form, than to ingest through the stomach ??? thank you for your time.


How has this turned into a PH forum? ??I thought it was titled T replacement and helping those lay out proper protocols for such TRT treatment, I'm not down playing PH's as I know Patrick Arnold personally and he has paved the path on their effects . I would keep such topics there or other PH related sites. Good luck on Your answer


my apologies to those I may have offended. Just wondering if uptake of ANY supplement is better through
oral absorbtion than going through the gi tract. Again, I apologize.


My personal experience with Epistane...took it for about 3 weeks, got an employment physical done by chance during that time and had some blood drawn. The doctor called me back frantically the next day and said my liver enzymes were through the roof...I told her what I'd been taking and she advised me to stop immediately.

It's your body, but I'm not taking chances with my health. As far as I'm concerned, PH are bad news.


Your liver values changed that much in 3 weeks on epistane alone? Or is it possible your doc greatly overreacted? how were you dosing and what kind of liver health supps were you taking?


There ARE supplements and drugs that are best administered by routes that bypass the stomach/GI tract for one reason or another. Google will provide numerous reasons as to why this may be important.

Not sure what you mean by "powder form" in the bloodstream, though.

My guess is if you dumped an Epistane capsule out into your mouth you would eventually just end up swallowing it anyhow due to increased salivary output which would result from keeping that shit floating about in your mouth. I'm sure Tyson K or MODOK would be better able to clue you in on sublingual/buccal formulations, but I would imagine that drugs designed for oral use are best used... orally.

It is also concerning that your sole post in the APPROPRIATE forum (though the attempted thread hijack was in poor taste) implies you are considering an 8 week cycle of this PH, but you really should start a thread in the Steroids section (or PM a mod requesting this thread be moved there) for better input.

In fact, based on these two posts, you should probably reconsider Epi altogether until you have adequately educated yourself on the topic.


I was taking 40mgs/day throughout, with a liver support product...can't remember the name. It's entirely possible she overreacted, but it scared me enough to stop taking the stuff. Just not worth it, in my opinion.


Very interesting, i would be scared too. Im currently on a 6 week cycle at 40 a day as well, just found it very interesting cause i know people that have run cycles like this and barely budged their liver values at all. I wasnt planning on getting a blood test done until it was time to run my NEXT cycle but maybe now i will get a mid cycle blood test and see how we're doin.