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Infraspinatus Tendon Problem

hi guys i hope someone could give me some right advice to fix soon this problem…
in january i had a fall on the stairs and before touching the steps i grasped with my hands the handles stopping the fall but having a terrible pull in both shoulders…i stopped to workout for 2 weeks…in the end only an axillary nerve seemed to be entrapped in the quadrangular space…i released with a tennis ball against the wall…i was in italy at that time and i could not do any teraphy. now i came to usa and i can do ART that seems to be helpful…the problem is this left tendon is now disfunctional i think it was strained and now scar tissue was a issue…was released by teraphy…but persists to get me problems, any time i do deadlifts or romanian deadlift…i n origin was painful also in the bench press…not in the incline with dumblless…i am using the perfect nutrition and supplementation : msm, omega 3, hyaluronic acid, celadrin, sam-e, vit c , nac, glucosammine (i had also ac joint sprain in the fall…but this was ficxed)…

i think any time i redo deadlift the problem comeback…

it is not a terrific pain is like some burn or pulsion as i stretch the muscle…i am doing also AIS stretch…everything is perfect…my posture, my rotator cuff is one of my body pilars…the best part i have…i could have a labral tear etc…but my nutrition, costant supplementation and rotator cuff pluriannual training and perfect balanced trained saved my butt…but as i told you it seems i am ok, after ART, i took an unloading week also recently first of the moment, for doing great ART, but as i comebac…i do deadlift…i havfe no pain during them, then at home shoulders restart to have problem on that tendon…what to do?

i can t stop to workout…how work hip extension without using arms? i don t have reverse hyper :frowning: what can i do to substitute deadlifts? how to heal soon…

can i do snatch high pulls? or is it harmful? ol are harmful? some little pop in that muscle experienced…very little as i horizontally adduct the arm with elbow flexed…

They have no doctors in Italy?

You CAN do hip extension without putting stress on your shoulders.

I did hyperextensions and goodmornings.
When I couldn’t get my right hand on the bar, (due to limited rom in my shoulder), I did the goodmornings in the smith-machine holding the bar with my right hand with a strap. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

Did you get an MRI of the shoulder?

no therapists in italy…and doctors…better to forget :frowning:
no i hadn t MRI it was too long to have
and now here i think too much expensive
thanks for remembering the goodmorning…i never did it but finally now i now i must…being very carefull on tecnique…iperstension could be too light when yu are used to romanian deadlifts with 320 pounds(not too much in general but for me, 148 pounds of solid ripped muscles)