Infrapatellar Bursitis

Hi! I have gone through times in the past where I have suffered from knee tendonitis in my left knee… or so I thought. I went to the physio to see if there was something wrong with my posture or biomechanics that was causing this but he said it was actually infrapatellar bursitis.

The problem is he has told me to not squat to parallel indefinitely and go to so my knee is at 90 degrees but I love barbell squatting. I may go elsewhere and get a second opinion but does anybody else have any experience with this condition and did you manage to control it to the point that is not longer an issue without cutting squats out/doing 2/3 ROM squats? He recommended an ultrasound gun too - anybody with experience in using them?

Any physio recommending an ultrasound gun is a physio you should stop seeing.

Ultrasound is a care modality from the 1980s, that has been shown to do absolutely nothing for the last twenty years.

Get a second opinion

Perhaps for treatment but for the diagnosis, I’m not so sure. He even said he could feel the inflammation. It is very frustrating!

I agree, that is frustrating.

I wouldn’t trust the diagnostic skills of a physio who has improper treatment modalities.

There are many “conditions” that used to be diagnosed frequently in physiotherapy that have now been simplified or even removed entirely.

Interested in any update on this. I had prepatellar knee bursitis 15 years ago, and part of the treatment was working to gently hyperextend the leg. That leg did not fully straighten, which contributed to the problem. More recently I’ve had a severe pinching in a specific range of motion, like 1/3 of the way down in a squat. No pain anywhere else, but 9/10 pain once in that point. Over time it has subsided. Things that helped: avoid aggravating it, strengthen hips and hamstrings with single leg Romanian deadlifts, switch to front squats instead of back squats, strengthen quads without aggravating the knee in that specific position. Exercises from kneesovertoesguy are helping too, like the Poliquin step up and ATG split squat.

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