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Informative Speech

I’m writting an informative speech for my speech 115 class. We were told to pick a unique topic that interests us, so being an avid weight lifter and athlete, i chose steroids. I figured this would be the best place to start my reaserch. I’m looking for three or four main topics of steroids to write. As of now, I’ve narrowed the topics down to: types of steroids (anabolic, medical etc.), effects on the body, and who uses them (athletes, body builders, people with asthma, etc.) If anyone here can help I’d really appriciate it, I’m lookin for anything, links to sites, books, anything. The speech can only be 5-7 min, so i’m not exactly lookin to write a nobel prize winning speech, just a basic informative speech. Thanks for your help.

I suggest that you restrict your self to the issues of legal and illegal anabolic steroids. Effects on individuals and the social/legislative issues. This will get you into HRT for men and women as well as the popular sports issues. Also get into the negative effects of steroids on the body and describe the myths such as ‘roid rage’ at some other popular crap that does not come to mind right now. Also explore the age-management benefits of maintaining youthful hormone status. Then stress the need of society to balance the needs of those who benefits of HRT with the needs to control usage. Some republicans have wanted to ban DHEA and pregnalone which is completely silly. If you spent a long time reading these BB’s you would see that harm from knowledgeable use of steroids is rare and mostly imaginary except for the danger of young people harming their development. Illegal steroid use can be healthy and beneficial for those who study and use intelligently and can be dangerous to uninformed/ignorant/stupid people. But I can’t see how that is different from alcohol, sex, guns, cars, tobacco, excess sun tanning or many other things.

Note that HGH and IGF-1 and some other things are not steroids. Steroids are chemically based on cholesterol. Those others are peptide hormones (proteins). Some peptide proteins are anabolic or have anabolic effects.

The medical use of steroids is very broad and goes well beyond anabolic and androgenic effects. You need to limit your scope.

Note that creatine is not a steroid and is more of a food than anything else… you get a lot of it in meat. There is a lot of nonsense stated about creatine and you could set things straight.

pm me if you have any questions and I will try to help, -I a not an expert in the use of steroids in body building-, and you will not be, but you can sure learn a lot and be knowledgeable.

Wikipedia has a good article on AAS.

You might want to check out some articles on my website:


I suggest these to start with:

History of Steroids
Steroid Abuse
Steroid Side Effects
Steroids in Baseball & sports

Thanks for all your help, all of the posts have helped me a great deal. I’m about to type up a working outline for the speech, so when i’m done, i’ll post it. I’d appriciate any feedback on the outline.