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Information Request -TRT and Beyond

I�??ve been wanting to post for a while, but was afraid of the reaction I would get.

I�??m 45 yrs old and I�??ve been using Androgel for almost 4 months. I was originally on 5 grams/day and after my recent lab my doctor bumped me to 10 grams/day. I started at 210 and was in the low 400�??s at my second lab. He only tested testosterone and not free testosterone or estrogen or anything else that is recommended that men be tested for, other than PSA. When I asked him he said they don�??t normally do that.

I told him I had been reading about these things and would like to be tested, and he said send me what you�??re reading. He�??s very open mindful and has been phenomenal as my doctor for about 8 or 9 years.

So my question for you is, can you please link me to reputable research and documentation that will convince him to test for more. I�??ve searched and Googled, but most of what I find is too technical for me to comprehend and I want to know that what I�??m sending him is accurate and undisputable. I want him to test me adequately and treat me correctly based on those tests.

Meanwhile, my other question regards fighting Estrogen. Until I�??m tested for it, I would like to take something to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and help me to make sure that my TRT is as beneficial as it can be. What supplements/foods/herbs can help me lower estrogen?

Anything else I can do, please tell me. At 45 years old I am aiming to change my life and I feel like I�??m at the edge of being too late.

Thanks in advance.

Do not try to lower your estrogen when you are trying to convince your doc that he needs to take action.

Tell him that serum E2 in the lower 20s is optimal and also in the normal lab statistical range. No man will feel right or be health at the either extreme of that range. He can then note your reports the benefits of lower E2.

PM me with weight, fat, height details.

Transdermals create more E2 than injections for some. With 10 grams per day, that is a huge amount of gel spread over a large part of your body. The aromatase in the fat under your skin can make a lot of E.

Thanks for the response KSman.

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