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Information Reliablility

I have been looking for a site that will give me information on the food I am eatting in a day. I am using
http://weight-loss- dieter-sdigest.com/search.mv

This gave me the following info for my breakfast today.
3 Eggs
2 Pieces of Whole wheat bread
1 Tbs Butter
3 pieces of bacon
1 cup Homo milk
totaling 760 Calories 51g of Fat 38 Carbs and 36g of Protein

Does this seem right? Compareable to your numbers? I eat in a university caf dont have the benifit of labels, hence needing the info from the net. And what are the numbers for a piece of steak?? 6oz? 4oz? doesnt matter. this would be great. Thanks.

Those numbers seems fairly acurate. IF you are worried about your site credibility you might want to switch to www.fitday.com. Alot of t-mag readers use that site.

As for the units of measurement given for the steaks, here is a visual aid to help remember them. 4oz is ~ equal to a deck of playing cards in thickness, length, width. 6oz is…well… equal to 1.5 decks of playing cards.